Bitwig Bitwig Studio
Bitwig Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio, General Sequencer from Bitwig.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
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Bzrk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Adopted!"

Bitwig Bitwig Studio
I use Linux exclusively Bitwig, so I talk about my experience on this system.
I bought it the day of release, the installation is very simple on Ubuntu.
I record mostly guitar, bass, vocals and I do the battery with a plugin.

There were bugs in the beginning but the team reacted very quickly and chained corrections, a very good point. The software is stable, with the latest versions, I have not had a problem.
It must be one of the few soft for which I read the manual. I am a beginner in terms of DAW.


Desktop has 4 cores 3.5 Ghz with a NVidia 680GTX card and 2TB disks.
For audio:
- Before: Native Komplete Audio 6 + Eleven Rack connected SPDIF.
- Now: Fractal AXE FX 2 XL (with the drivers that go well) dirrectement USB on the PC.

The prefs are excellent, no problem, the app is stable. I made long recording sessions. Ettention a quality USB cable. A rotten cable may cause clicks in the sound (more isochronous transmission, the lost packets are not re-issued), of course it does has nothing to do with the app, it's the grub driver and USB.

The app handles all sampling frequencies and so the 48k Fractal smoothly.

The only plugin I use, this is Steven Slate Drum 4 with a VST bridge Windows / Linux (SSD4 does not being released under linux). It works fine except the Drag & Drop but it will bypass, it is possible that this fixed with the latest version of the bridge, I have to check.


I use it for 6 months.
Before, I had a small windows partition with ProTools 10 This is probably a good software but it is complex for a beginner and not running linux.

What I like most:
Editing audio segments. It's simple powerful friends, I set up models of pieces very quickly. Tools for handling samples on the tracks are great.
The simplicity of bounce afternoon around audio (right click!) The tracks are hybrid MIDI Audio, ca simplifies things.
Some complain that it has less features compared to competitors. Not having much experience, I do not would pronounce on this point, except for me, I get to learn more than what I was doing with ProTools (with whom, it is true, I have not really dug) without taking my head.

The virtual instrument system is very nice. It will expand in future releases.
I would like more packages of instruments and downloadable samples from Bitwig. But you can already do many things without special plugins.

In short, I passed!

Lougarou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bitwig not finished!"

Bitwig Bitwig Studio

Installing RAS.
Configuration facilitated wizardisée therefore RAS.

No incompatibility to my knowledge.

Clear and concise manual.


I7 3630QM ASUS Labtop 6 GB RAM HDD 1-3 TB
Bitwig works well 50aines Audio & VSTi and VST tracks. In short it rolls!


Tried the demo versions before.

Reaper 4.62 now Studio One V2.6.2, Samplitude ProX 12, Ableton V9.1.1.

The +:
- The design.
- Browser.
- MIDI editor like finally Reaper!
- The selector pop views
The -:
- No originality!
- Routing "depleted", especially compared to Ableton, its direct competitor in my opinion!

My biggest criticism is that I expect a DAW other, more general, ie an Ableton incorporating "building" a DAW more gnéraliste as Reaper or Studio one example, a sort of mix between these DAWs, which allow a group of more flexible tracks, with track folder or perhaps a track list and a more flexible routing, the Cockos Reaper is exemplary but Neni: we have a revamped Ableton which is no more evolved qques so it is a bit disappointing!
I lay still "OK" in appreciation for qqu'un because who does not know Abletin can begin in Bitwig and make mixes and tacks, it's still feasible anyway.
digital experience04/30/2014

digital experience's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Bitwig Bitwig Studio
In first please! The first review Bitwig! then it is a party and in advance: thank you for taking the time for reading ... :-)

- The top of the system: you put the CD, you selected the folder and when I think less than 30 seconds (sisi, made the test) is ready for you Bitwig or Bitwig is ready for you :-)
Installation as simple as her, I just said Congratulations all.

- Configure Bitwig is very easy. All is in the "click". Need to search folder in folder: here, the browser is right and obvious.
Regarding the Audio section, you click, you selected your sound card and you can start.
The hardware configuration (hardware) is the same ;-)

- No conflict meet, therefore, that happiness! (Tired of pinball each computer music installs software :-))

-The manual is very detailed, black and white photos included software ... but: in English!
(A French version comes, therefore, the note "implementation" does not care about the manual)

- To summarize the situation: the best of what I've seen (and I is seen: its really nice to see a light software, which installs in 30 seconds and is easy to configure is: -))
1 point less for not putting 10: Installing long enough samples (yes, I know, excuses can be valid, but I can not put 9.5 ;-))

So note on the "implementation": 9/10 (9.5 for me)


Now about my computer, which is a computer Mr "touslemonde"

Windows 7 home premium
Intel core i3 2120
Nvidia GeForce GT520 1GB
6GB of DDR3 Ram

To do this, what better an example? I want to clarify that I'm talking about sound "Trance".

-7 Instrument tracks, each including an equalizer, compressor + 1-3 effects (Filter, Delay, Reverb ...) My darling vst: the Synthmaster in version 2.6
-5 Audio tracks with the same effect chain
-1 Drums machine with the same chain effect, but this time if, on each track drums (x8)
-1 Pieces of ten minute on each track with automation March-April parameters and arrives at:

49% utilization Ram with no latency, crash and I do not know what ... So Bitwig manages :-)
(Of course, my vst are not greedy! See you with vst in Spectrasonics Trilian kind who loves eating resources ...)

So with my vst my configuration, the style of music that I did and my computer:

this is a 9/10 for the "Suitability / Performance"


I use Bitwig for 1 week. And yes it is can, but I Live 9, so its exchange all :-)
Before you begin, here are the software that I used:
7/live Reason 9.1 / Presonus studio one 2 / sonar x3

What about bitwig? Many believe this is a Live 9 but not friends, it is much more than its ... hehe

- Already, just slap the interface simple, which does not break my eyelets off the evening light. - The top? window "scene" next to the window arrangement: how to say ... huge.
- All is intuitive "click to pay"
- The music creates easy with this software, because you do not go back ...
- The stability of the software while it is only version 1.0.7 ...
- Future functions will monstrous beings
- Modulation of soft super easy: a pure happiness
- Creation of its own instrument with "layer instrument"
- LFO, step sequencer, fx ... all is
- Handling audio easy, easy ... bounce
- Preset in two clicks ...
- A workflow breathtaking (at least with Bitwig in 10 minutes I already have a pre mix that hold the road)

I stop here, because there are still many things to say.
So who is this software? He well I would say to everybody, but to me, the electro is clearly in the spotlight ...

I'll go further than those who compare Bitwig Live:

You mix Reason 7, with 9 live, and you get: Bitwig. (Personal opinion :-))

The top software: amazing and confusing workflow modulation! OPEN ...
Flop of the software: inability to customize the display of work (Part taken to provide 6 modes views)

For the rest, let's do the time, but this software is already huge with 1, and saw more ... (look at the official site)

For the price: it is right. Given the gear I recommend. (No one will even know how beings upgrades and when I see the price of the competition: I prefer to trust Bitwig principally made in terms of innovation)

In conclusion: if you want a stable open source software, with a workflow and a huge modulation blend of reason and live: dive.

Note the overall rating: 9/10
Average Rating: 9.5/10
star rating: 4.5 / 5

Thank you and the next.