Midisoft Recording Session
Midisoft Recording Session

Recording Session, General Sequencer from Midisoft.

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noelnoel 02/03/2011

Midisoft Recording Session : noelnoel's user review

«  Very good MIDI sequencer. »

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It is used because it is easily executable.
In fact the installation decompresses files in a folder, which means it does not change the Windows configuration can for example be stored on a USB stick ... and start on another microphone!

Easy configuration, trouble-free, integrated online help.


I used it on a PC 486, 128MB, Windows 95, internal sound card and it works just as well with my old Pentium IV, 256MB, Windows XP, SoundBlaser card!<br>No problems with compatibility or stability.<br><br>First used version 1.12:<br>it displays neither the triplets, or triplets, but it gets around this by entering values in the Midi notes (they will be displayed as crooked or double but it works very well).<br>Backup specific format. SGN, which retains all the options, or Midi 0 or 1, with losses sometimes options ...<br><br>I installed 4.00, Audiofanzine thank you for the link!<br>is always executable, it shows the triple, triplets, and it integrates the trigger. WAV files in the partition!<br>SGN backup or Midi 1, but more in Midi 0 (we can open the file in version 1.12 and convert Midi 0).<br>2 versions at installl:<br>"16-bit Windows 3.1": 1 track trigger WAV<br>"32-bit Windows 95/NT": 2 tracks trigger WAV<br>I recommend installing 16-bit is more stable and does not crash unlike the 32-bit ...<br>


I use it since my first PC, it came with, which made a few years ...

I like its simplicity, ease of use and implementation, improved version 4.00, although the interface is not perfect.
No specific notation battery or guitar tab.
Ability to record from a MIDI instrument, which is handy, and enter / edit all parameters midi notes.

Excellent prog, I use it as a drive south, to some tracks and trigger my Alesis DM5 drum module.