MOTU Digital Performer 7
MOTU Digital Performer 7
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All user reviews for the MOTU Digital Performer 7

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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sw80's review"vs Pro Tools"

MOTU Digital Performer 7
MOTU Digital Performer 7 was easy to install, it was quick and simple. This was one of the first programs that purchased with my new MacBook last year. I cannot really compare this to Pro Tools because Pro Tools seems to be a little more standard and no matter where you go there is a copy of Pro Tools running. That is not the case with the Digital Performer 7, going into other studios and wanting to open up a project file from MOTU just would not cut it for me, even though you can save a Pro Tools file on the Digital Performer 7. So I would still end up bouncing out tracks in WAV format to my Pro Tools set up so that I could have my session anywhere. Pro Tools was a little easier to get the hang of than Digital Performer 7 was, but that could be my bias opinion because I have been working with Pro Tools for so long maybe it was hard for me to accept another DAW for my Mac.


Trying to save projects in the Digital Performer 7 and open them up in Pro Tools was easy, but I just did not like it at all and plus a lot of plug-ins that are in MOTU are not in Pro Tools so you will be missing key plug-ins.


There is no doubt that this program is great, and it is next in line behind Pro Tools. But I recommend keeping your MOTU files all in this program, and not even messing with putting them in Pro Tools. I have even had corrupted files when trying to work back and forth between Performer 7 and Pro Tools. It ended up being a huge headache for me. But when just working with Performer 7, you can achieve the same things you can achieve in Pro Tools. It really comes down to a choice of personal preference, or you can deal with the headache of using both together.

Smouffy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

MOTU Digital Performer 7
The installation is no problem. Everything went very well for what the manual is in English so I am not an expert in the language, but I'm testing to hear the result.


I work on a Mac G5 ppc, 4 gigs of memory, and 250GB hard drive. I is not had a major problem with and I'm glad.


I am DP7.24 for nearly one year, I do not regret having bought this software there, and for the price it is expensive but it is really worth. It is my choice ...

Random?'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What I wanted."

MOTU Digital Performer 7
No installation problems.


I have an iMac with 4GB of 2010
I never reached the limits, I do not use virtual instruments at the moment and I am very frugal on the plugin.
I mainly mix sessions of music and I never exceeded 40 tracks of treatments. I should redo this notice in the future.


I use it for a year.

I tried protools, I know how to use it but I feel really uncomfortable over, I put it down to ergonomics.
Same for Logic, deemed easy to use, I can not work effectively over.

Cubase merit that I plunged back there, I liked but I did not have time to get an idea.

I enjoyed Digital Performer when I tried it.
I think it suits me perfectly in its logic and user interface.

I blame him for just two or three things, the absence of the kind of shortcut to loop a selection.
The gas plant is listed as tiring in the long run, but it is common to all major software. If I could I would remove a lot of things but it's good, it's not really a problem in the end.