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MOTU Music Software user reviews


    MOTU BPM - BeyondR's review


    BPM (Beat Production Machine) is compatible with Windows Xp ,Vista , 7 and Mac OSX. I haven't encountered any problems regarding the help manual, everything is pretty well explained and the functions are easily accessible. The general configuration…

  • MOTU MasterWorks Collection

    MOTU MasterWorks Collection - "Love the Leveler"


    The MOTU MasterWorks collection is a software plug-ins suite that I use in Cubase and Pro Tools. The EQ has 5 bands that you can use to filter with. I love using this EQ because it has presets to give you a vintage analog sound. Sometimes you can ju…

  • MOTU Electric Keys

    MOTU Electric Keys - "BUY IT"


    The MOTU Electric Keys is a vintage keyboard instrument; it comes with organs, clavinets, and electric pianos. You can use it on multiple platforms and it is very light on your CPU. When I was first thinking of purchasing it, I looked at the price t…

  • MOTU MX4

    MOTU MX4 - "More effects and make it PC compatible please"


    MOTU MX4 is a virtual synth plug-in with some really good presets, it can only be used on Mac computers and it is currently on version 2.2 (at least). This is a “hybrid” synth that basically brings together every type of synth you can think of from …

  • MOTU Digital Performer 7

    MOTU Digital Performer 7 - "vs Pro Tools"


    MOTU Digital Performer 7 was easy to install, it was quick and simple. This was one of the first programs that purchased with my new MacBook last year. I cannot really compare this to Pro Tools because Pro Tools seems to be a little more standard and…




    The MOTU BPM is a production software that comes loaded with 19GB of sounds, a whole bunch of effects and you can sample right in the software. You can run it on your PC or your Mac, if you are using it on a PC you need to have XP, Vista, or Windows…

  • MOTU Electric Keys

    MOTU Electric Keys - "50+ classic keyboards"


    MOTU Electric Keys has been installed on my computer for a few years now, though I don’t use it much anymore. When I first purchased it I was really excited about it, then it kind of got put aside. It is a vintage keyboard VST that has some electric …

  • MOTU Symphonic Instrument

    MOTU Symphonic Instrument - "get east west if you want something better"


    MOTU Symphonic Instrument is very easy to understand and use, you wont be confused or even need to look at tutorials online nor will you need a manual to operate this vst plug in. The price of this plug in is where I think they it doesn’t sit right …

  • MOTU MachFive

    MOTU MachFive - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems installing the MOTU MachFive virtual sampler.  The whole process only took a few minutes and was virtually pain free.  The interface of the software however is another issues.  While I wouldn't say that it is convoluted, th…

  • MOTU MX4

    MOTU MX4 - moosers's review


    The installation of the MOTU MX4 wasn't hard at all and only took a matter of minutes to have the virtual synth up and running.  Since I am running the synth in MOTU Digital Performer, there haven't been any compatibility issues and I haven't had any…