MOTU Digital Performer 7
MOTU Digital Performer 7
sw80 12/17/2012

MOTU Digital Performer 7 : sw80's user review

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MOTU Digital Performer 7 was easy to install, it was quick and simple. This was one of the first programs that purchased with my new MacBook last year. I cannot really compare this to Pro Tools because Pro Tools seems to be a little more standard and no matter where you go there is a copy of Pro Tools running. That is not the case with the Digital Performer 7, going into other studios and wanting to open up a project file from MOTU just would not cut it for me, even though you can save a Pro Tools file on the Digital Performer 7. So I would still end up bouncing out tracks in WAV format to my Pro Tools set up so that I could have my session anywhere. Pro Tools was a little easier to get the hang of than Digital Performer 7 was, but that could be my bias opinion because I have been working with Pro Tools for so long maybe it was hard for me to accept another DAW for my Mac.


Trying to save projects in the Digital Performer 7 and open them up in Pro Tools was easy, but I just did not like it at all and plus a lot of plug-ins that are in MOTU are not in Pro Tools so you will be missing key plug-ins.


There is no doubt that this program is great, and it is next in line behind Pro Tools. But I recommend keeping your MOTU files all in this program, and not even messing with putting them in Pro Tools. I have even had corrupted files when trying to work back and forth between Performer 7 and Pro Tools. It ended up being a huge headache for me. But when just working with Performer 7, you can achieve the same things you can achieve in Pro Tools. It really comes down to a choice of personal preference, or you can deal with the headache of using both together.