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MOTU MachFive 3
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Nucléix Nucléix


Publié le 04/26/14 à 09:31
Easy installation. Config too.
The installation of sound is long and tedious (like KONTAKT matter).
Side incompatibility, MF is not recognized by the automap 4 NOVATION. There are 5 months, I contacted the customer service, since nothing, even with the recent release of version 3.2.1. Annoying.
The manual is not bad, not great.


PC Core i7 2600K OVERFREQUENCY (3.8 GHz or more) - 8GB RAM - 8.1 Win 64-bit - Audio Interface Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 (loopback).
Performance and operation: smoothly and stable except with sampling IRCAM "Stretch" which caught the machine fast enough polyphony (+ 2 notes).


I use the software since March 2013.
I used Kontakt since its first version to version 5. I can say at this time that MachFive 3 is very high quality KONTAKT 5 thanks in large part to IRCAM tools that crush the competition! The "time machine PRO" Kontakt 5 can get dressed!
You guessed it, the feature that attracted me was the IRCAM tools. Small anomalies are worth noting: if there is an acute or grave accent in the title of a sound, MF does not recognize (SAV aware too). Another point mentioned: the automap not recognized (I have to go through the old editor "REMOTE SL Editor" but "sustain" pedal does not work .... I look why ...)
For those who like to fiddle with the sound, this is the ideal software! It is true that MF is expensive, do as I do: Enjoy a 50% coupon!
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