MOTU MachFive 3
MOTU MachFive 3

MachFive 3, Virtual Sampler/Sample Player from MOTU in the MachFive series.

swannsokolov 01/24/2013

MOTU MachFive 3 : swannsokolov's user review

«  Good Versatility »

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Installation simple enough but a bit long.
Purchased from Univers Sons must register the product and download permissions licenses to put on the iLok required.
Caution must be minimum 2GB of RAM.
There are 4/6 DVD to install, it takes time.
The manual is quite clear.


I have a MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz with 8GB RAM Mountain Lion.
It goes on, you need to download corrections to the MOTU site.


I use it for a few months, I bought it because versatile. The piano is very good, rhodes, too, electronic samples are very cool too. The battery also, percussion too. After the guitar and bass can be very good, but I never found any simulation safe for my taste so blah blah.
Level synthesis can be hugely things, so it's nice not to be limited. The effects are great too.