PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional

Studio One 2 Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 2 series.

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Comments about the review: Studio Killed the DAW Stars


Los Teignos

Los Teignos
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1 Posted on 04/08/2012 at 23:07:43
Launched about two years ago, the first Studio One version impressed with its maturity. The program was stable, practical and well thought-out. It had almost nothing to envy the leading sequencing tools. Studio One has gone a long way since the first version: it was dramatically enhanced in v1.5 and now comes back with a really amazing version 2. Let's check it out.

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2 Posted on 04/13/2012 at 17:49:08
Many good things about Studio One, but the lack of a Score Editor is a deal-killer for me.




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3 Posted on 04/13/2012 at 18:46:47
Hi I am absolutely new to the DAW world and i happen to purchase studio one 2 pro. I did not have many difficulties while i started using this program. I have made a full album of Indian songs in the three months time. The daw crashes many times as i go on using many tracks with plugins. I feel some one must tell us the limits of this DAW. How many tracks with how many plugins are allowed etc. That will save time of the presonus team ( Support staff)
I always get notices like
1) Studio one has stopped working
2) A crash dump file is created.
3) The curser starts after some time after hitting start button.
All these are my mistakes but i do not know what causes this.I must get some knowledge about this somewhere.
Some CPU and RAM consuming plugins or vsts may be responsible for this. So bouncing function comes handy at this time.
Using presonus V2 was like appearring for college exam while in first standard.Any way i could do it.I like this software.
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