PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional

Studio One 2 Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 2 series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 8 reviews67 %
 4 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Editorial review
  • 01/02/13AudioFanzine met Studio One's technical director

    AudioFanzine met Studio One's technical director - Interview with the father of Studio One

    Coinciding with the launch of Studio One v2.5, AudioFanzine met up with Matthias Juwan, technical director at PreSonus in Hamburg, Germany, to talk about his career, the future of the Studio One sequencer, and the software department at PreSonus. Interview...

Users reviews

parker13's review

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
Problem-free installation.
Rather intuitive setup. It's very similar to competing products (logic, Protools.....etc)
There are lots of tutorials for studio one V2.
No incompatibilities (as far as I can tell). You need to switch to mountain lion to avoid unexpected crashes. But now everything runs smoothly.


I use it on two computers. 1 imac I5 12GB ram / OS Mountain lion.
and on a Mac book retina i7 with 8 gb Ram.
The software is pretty stable.
Good Midi management with an M audio 8X8 + RME fireface800 + 3 BCF 2000 + different hardware synths via usb....Everything works fine.


I've used it since it came out, since Presonus released the update.
I tested logic, Protools.... But Presonus seduced me. To get into a market where Pro Tools is the standard is not easy. So I made my choice to not follow the standard. And I don't regret it.
Good value for money, regular and free updates.
I recommend it highly!

Enix49's review"Modern DAW dedicated to home-studio musicians"

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
Easy installation from the Presonus website via download. Afterwards you still have to download additional content (several GBs of samples for the sampler, presets, etc.) Do note that the Soundcloud and Nimbit modules can be added to export directly to these channels. The cherry on the cake from v2.1 is that you are entitled to the Saturation plug-in by Softube.
No incompatibility issues with my 2011 iMac quad core i5.
The manual is clear and there are several video tutorials on the website, as well as some mixing tutorials that can be accessed directly from the software.


I use it on an iMac quad core i5 with 12 GB Ram and a Presonus Firestudio audio/midi interface. I've had no crashes, the latency is ridiculously low and it is compensated by the software.
I have never been able to overload the CPU despite using dozens of plug-ins during my mixing sessions.


I have used Studio One Artist v1 and 2, then Producer v2 and finally this Pro version, which has the advantage of integrating Melodyne. I have used Samplitude, Cubase, Ardour, Garage Band, and Logic Pro 9 before. And this one is the most simple and user-friendly. It has all indispensable features for professional song production, plus you have the Mastering section.
No score editor, but I have never had the need to use it with other DAWs.
In terms of plug-ins, the quality is evident. Their performance is cleaner and preciser than with their counterparts for Cubase Sx3. It's at a comparable level with Logic. The compression and EQ work finely and the reverbs are very good. Integrating Waves, Softube, Overtone, etc. plug-ins poses no problems.
Great usability everywhere and most features can be managed in a couple of clicks or via drag-and-drop.
Very easy operation with a physical control surface or iPad (Mackie DAW control). Management of MIDI devices is fully functional, too.
In short, I haven't found a defect so far, except maybe for a somewhat limited offer of virtual instruments.
It's a DAW conceived for musicians with a home studio. The approach is different to Pro Tools, which is especially aimed at sound engineers.

Tin-Man's review"I had been waiting for this simplicity"

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
Fast and easy installation.
Right after launching it for the first time, you must choose the soundcard setup, plus several other settings that you can always modify later.

I only found one incompatibility, with the Sampletron VSTi, but it's probably my fault. Sampletron is installed without problems, I can see the DLL in the VSTi folder dedicated to Studio One, but I can't see sampletron in my VSTi list. I haven't found a solution so far.
(NB: I found the solution, see the tips and tricks).

The manual can be downloaded from the Presonus website and it is very well conceived. Even if almost everything of the interface is intuitive and certain functions are self-explanatory.


I have an i7 with 16Gb ram with an Asus motherboard (I can't recall the model). Everything is stable. No crashes. Sweet!


I've been using Studio One for six months.
I used Cubase 5 before.
(and before that SX, and VST...etc... The first software I used was Notator for Atari, which was excellent... Everything connected to a D50 and a X7000, which were themselves connected to a Fostex 160 4-track...I'm getting old).
I tested Live 8 for some time, but it didn't convince me. (I think it's better suited for music made with loops and samples, while I use the sequencer as a multitrack tape recorder, meaning I try to record a single take from start to finish, with the least overdubs possible...Like in the old days).
I always thought Cubase was a bit complicated, with lots of more or less hidden options. We never hit it off.
And that's when I found Studio One.
Easy configuration, everything can be found with the mouse. You work fast and effectively.
Regarding the audio engine, I haven't noticed any difference with Cubase, which, it must be said, is excellent.
MIDI management is also perfect.
Being picky, it maybe lacks one or two options available on Cubase that I miss a bit, like shifting two identical audio tracks by entering a value in a box provided to that effect. You can do that in Studio One but shifting "by hand" the second audio track, which is less precise and practical. I don't think Studio One has that feature, at least I haven't found it.

"NB" - Update from 07/14/2013: After reading the manual I discovered that you have to click on the 'i' for information, on top of the tracks, and there's a small zone called "Delay" and it's all good now...

Its value for money is all right, even if it may seem a bit too expensive today. It is still below all the major players in the field.
I would definitely buy it again and I only regret not having had the possibility of doing it earlier.

Thank you, Mr. Presonus.

Anonymous 's review"Excellent!"

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
Problem-free installation. Everything is quickly and impeccably installed after downloading from the website.
The setup couldn't be simpler.
I haven't noticed any incompatibilities. Everything is recognized (except for the 32-bit plug-ins, which are obviously not recognized by the 64-bit version)
The manual can be downloaded and is well conceived.


Core I5 Sandy Bridge with 8gb and 2 hard drives, including a 256gb SSD for the sound libraries (Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Kontakt 4) and a PCI ESI Juli@ soundcard. The performance is formidable, no latency, no bugs, no crashes, it's awesome!!!


I started out making computer music in the '90s with the Voyetra midi orchestrator. I then migrated to Magix Samplitude in 2005 (the $80 version) and the last two years I've been using Reaper. During this time I tested Cubase, Cakewalk, etc... But I have never wanted to invest so much money in such big sequencers, because, in my opinion, they all have too many defects (starting with usability and stability...)

One day I downloaded the Studio one demo and I immediately knew what I had to do: Finally a sequencer dedicated to musicians, super easy to use, optimized for songwriting, which doesn't neglect midi and offers a plethora of quality effects. The integration of Melodyne is a big plus. IT'S AMAZING!!!

It's been several months since I have it, but it's been only recently that I've been using for songwriting. It's easy, it's the best sequencer that I have used in my whole life as a songwriter! It's incredibly fast to work with, it goes to the point, it's comfortable, stable and the logic and usability of the different functions is something I had never seen before. Testing it is buying it. With Studio One you need to focus only on songwriting and nothing else.
I'm really fortunate to write songs with this sequencer. I have recovered the joy for songwriting with this formidable tool. I don't work at Presonus, I'm only saying what I think: For me, there is simply no competition!
H2 om03/26/2012

H2 om's review"First contact"

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
Installation is rather simple. I bought it online, received the key via e-mail within a minute. The problem is that the pack was missing the Melodyne and EZ toontrack plug-in licenses!! I contacted the site and they told me to contact my local distributor. I did and haven't heard anything from them yet!!! It's not normal and that's the reason I gave it the mark I did.


For me, being a Cubase user since version 1 on an Atari Stf, the change wasn't easy, but I must say that this software is awesome in terms of usability. It really kicks ass. It can do anything very good, it's fast and STABLE. The AUDIO engine is amazing, you get out what you put in (I have an RME multiface soundcard). The result seems better than with Cubase, the number of plug-ins included is pretty good, especially the convulsion reverbs, which have a very good quality. There are also tons of sounds, audio and midi loops.


I've used it for a week and already feel very comfortable with it. I invite you to test the demo. The only problem is the Melodyne and EZ toontrack licenses, which I still don't have. I suppose the issue affects only the online version. I'll keep you posted...

JBHa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really full!"

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
No setup concern authentication via internet.

On w7 ultimate, no incompatibilities, I work with Echo Layla audio is also RAS.


Also, it consumes little resource daw, a large optimization work was done at this nvieau the.


This software really was designed to make life easier. The home page very good and clear. Then the party mix or it's classic but still it is clear, readable workflow really very interesting. Then comes to me a part that I had never seen a daw include: mastering the party is complete.

I use it mostly for daw ca ca party mastering and mixing part only on specific projects. For composition it happens on Live 9 for me.

For comparison cubasse 7 / studio one pro 2, I prefer the latter because even if cubasse seems more complete studio one I think is more suited to my needs (clear / simple / rapid / full = efficiency).

johnjfk1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
see previous opinion


mac book pro 13 core I5 ​​no particular concern was noted


last year, more easy to use than other soft, simplified according to clear menu is in French, you can mix and master, the eq, comp, effective as well as other plug supplied example melodyne integration crazy .... nothing to envy pro tools keeping well that it does not work equally well on two different perspectives but not that much.

danycool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
Easy installation


Really complete mixing to mastering ...


2 years
I tried Cubase, SONAR X1 to Wavelab for mixing and mastering ...
Given the prices and services offered is top. Waves plugins running smoothly.
the bubble03/24/2013

the bubble's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well ....... but too greedy for my pc"

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
No worries installation or configuration on both my pc. I did not not need any manual is clear to me.


My pc is described in other reviews. it is just too much for this software, I would have to upgrade but I can not for the moment. 1 pc in so severely had rowed with the demos! is better with the version 2 (free upgrade from 1 to 2: Presonus thank you), the pc has more saturated despite spikes the CPU usage to 97% in the demos. Otherwise it is stable, no serious plant would require a system reboot. Some mini incompatibilities but nothing serious software so young.

The integrated effects are of good quality, it's always facing gadget virtual effects but not good enough for me is, I do not pretend to sell one million records. I realize that the software takes a lot more resources than my sonar is 4 years old and I hate more (I even tested x2 and I am disappointed consumes a lot and made by: cakewalk for me c ' is finite). The grip is very fast, personally I find it intuitive, and for someone like me who does not have the budget to afford a studio for a week, it allows me to work "serious" (the Registration as a musician in the management of recording pc as I do everything alone) for models and finished projects. I would look good to the next version for vst instruments and more, but many things hinder me. I mention in conclusion.


I use it for three months and I am seduced by this software. It has a sound quality that interests me. I have version "artist" that came with my FireStudio Mobile. to do well, I need the version above for the integration of vst. An advantage of this software is that it does not require a USB key (a USB port to use it under consideration), the studio one disadvantage is the limited number of activation, which slows me yet . In this world of paranoia against piracy, only some software still trust people. Note that I do not have the means, as some (given my limited budget) to upgrade my pc to death or simply change every year because it is not powerful enough, and it is The problem I have now facing a possible change daw. So bad for 2, if it used less resources, I would have kept. this does not prevent it from being a great software

+ Super intuitive interface
+ Built-in effects quality
+ Easy editing
+ No plant
+ Updated version of the 1-2 free.
+ A stripped down version completely grtuite to make serious audio (studio one free)

-Limitation of facilities (5 times before contacting presonus for reset)
Consumption-ram on my pc
Money for the integration of vst instruments (in the version artist, does not manage or instruments or effects vst "external")

Fayah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
The installation is done it without problem?

No problems at all.

The general configuration is easy?

Very easy!

Have you encountered any incompatibilities?

Some care about with some Vsti not recognized by Studio One (but who are with Reaper)

The manual is clear and sufficient?

The manual? Never used, we find almost everything at once!


What is the configuration of your computer?

Windows Vista 32-bit, 3GB of RAM (bad config my computer ..)

The software runs he correctly on this configuration? What are its performance? This hardware + software is stable?

No cares, only the software that crashed my sound card to the opening of one of my Vst (a delay in freeware), it is only concerned about crash that I had .. Not yet resolved.


How long you use it?

About 2 months.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?

I used Reaper before, but only for the recording and mixing for I séquencais on MPC. I took Studio One after selling my mpc to sequence with the addition of mixing and recording.

Otherwise I try a lot of software to sequence the south (to be able to replace my mpc) (Ableton, FL Studio, Samplitude ..) and Studio One is that I find most convincing (although FL Studio pretty good in this area, but I can not stand the rest of the app)

What is so special that you love the most, least?

Its simplicity! Ultra soft as intuitive. For quite some time I was looking for a soft easy to use and comprehensive as it is for mixing, recording or to sequence the south. It can also do the mastering, but I could not say more, I touch on it yet.

How would you rate the quality / price?

I paid € 150 in time .. So at that price it's excellent.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...