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GFS user reviews

  • GFS 1960's Repro Premium Alnico Strat Pickup Set

    GFS 1960's Repro Premium Alnico Strat Pickup Set - chavilbus's review


    I've been using these pickups for six months on a Squier classic vibe. The quality is amazing, considering their price. The guitar has been transformed. I have the powerful and vintage sound I was looking for. There's no loss of precision in the midd…

  • GFS Alnico Fat Pat

    GFS Alnico Fat Pat - "A bit surprising..."


    Interesting GFS pickups (they have a very comprehensive range of products, they have launched several Alnico II and V versions + all the rest...I invite you to visit their website ...). Very classy look! The particularity of the humbuckers I cabled? …

  • GFS Loudmouth Bridge

    GFS Loudmouth Bridge - "Not bad, but too muddled..."


    I bought this pickup some time ago to install it on an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I relied on various reviews praising this pickup... So, yes, it's not bad, but nothing transcendental...Its sound lacks some balance. It becomes muddled, shrill pret…

  • GFS Classic II Alnico 2 Neck

    GFS Classic II Alnico 2 Neck - "For popular guitars! Absolutely amazing!"


    -I'm not a "pro," but have enough experience with a soldering iron in my hands, which is why I often end up servicing guitars, like all people from my generation, those from the mid 1900's... - In jazz, electric guitars had just taken over the place…

  • GFS Classic II Alnico 2 Neck

    GFS Classic II Alnico 2 Neck - "Excellent product you should try"


    I just installed them on a 335 copy and an Epiphone 339 in the neck position. In both cases the change was excellent with much more roundness and without losing definition. GFS allows you to experiment without going broke and with an almost perfec…

  • GFS Loudmouth Bridge

    GFS Loudmouth Bridge - "Clean and beefy, superb for high gain"


    Update from March 2014: I installed it on an ltd f10 (originally with an ESP single coil format humbucker at the neck and an ESP lh150 at the bridge) in order to have a very homogeneous sound (the original bridge was much more twangy-thin-vintage tha…

  • GFS Power Rails bridge

    GFS Power Rails bridge - "Budget alternative to an X2N"


    GFS pickups is a brand of pickups sold by a small online guitar parts store called GuitarFetish. They sell all sorts of brand name and no name parts for guitars. They are mostly known for their house brand pickups that are usually very cheap but perf…

  • GFS Crunchy Paf

    GFS Crunchy Paf - "Nice budget hot rodded PAF"


    GFS is a small online guitar parts store. They sell straps and bridges and stuff and also pickups. Their pickups are their most notable items. They have gained a bit of popularity among the budget guitar scene. Their most popular pickup is the GFS Cr…

  • GFS Vintage 59

    GFS Vintage 59 - "Not a bad vintage sounding humbucker."


    The Vintage 59 Humbucker from GFS is a slight step down from their Fat Pat’s in my book, and also a slight step up in cost. They use a variety of cover colors so finding a classy looking match to your guitar isn’t a problem. They use Alnico V magne…

  • GFS Fat Paf

    GFS Fat Paf - "Nice sounding PAF"


    The Alnico Fat Pat “Boutique” humbucker is my favorite humbucker by the relatively unknown GFS pickup company yet. They say it adds “meat” to your sound, and it does have a very good low end to it without being too bassy or thuddy. The high end of…