Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII

Monomachine SFX60 MKII, Groove Machine from Elektron in the Monomachine series.

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mrjason's review"A professional table top synth"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
The SFX60 MKII is a table top sequencer and synth that has a 6 track sequencer. The effects are really what stand out to me with this synth. The compression is very good and so are the reverbs and chorus effects. There are a total of 54 effects on it and I am a big fan of all of them, most table top synths do give a lot of effects they focus more on the sound engines. There is no sampling on this unit but it does have 2 input types and 6 output types. It is MIDI capable with MIDI in , out and thru. This unit does not work on batteries just on an AC adapter (which comes with it).


The value for the price of this sequencer/synth is right on, I think it is priced accordingly. I have been working with it since 2010 and having had any issue with it or had anything stop working. Elektron has always been so good to me and if you keep your eye out or join the mailing list they will send out coupon codes and let you know when they are having sales so you can save some good money.


This synth/sequencer has 128 user programs and 24 user program songs. There are 6, 1 band EQ’s and up to 6 chorus and ring modulation effects. I do not recommend purchasing the SFX60 MKII unless you have a general knowledge of working with synths of this style because if you are a newbie it could leave you scratching your head for a while. If you are just starting out with table top synths I suggest going with a basic version just to get your feet wet. This synth is definitely for someone who knows what they are doing.


The sequencer is good and the sounds are even better. This little box can really do a lot for anyone and I recommend spending the money on it because you will your money’s worth out of it pretty quickly.

yoTrakkz's review"great hardware"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
The Monomachine is one of the best synths I've ever worked with, delivering a huge punch in a small package. I've learned to never judge a book by it's cover. Six individual tracks are employed to create vast sonic soundscapes using any one of the synthesis methods available. The beat box style sequencing allows instant programability. Learning the basics takes only seconds.


The real power of this machine lies within the parameter locks, enabling sounds to transform in real time, creating new and exciting textures that are seldom heard. Maybe you only want an LFO on one specific note in a sequence or want to employ one of the effects on that same note (or others). This is easily achieved and with ease. Any of the available parameters may be locked in placed on a note by note, track by track basis, turning some of the most basic synth sounds into strange, far out and complex layers.


Once you get to know the Monomachines landscape, you'll be tweaking knobs and taking your sounds all over the audible spectrum into places they've never gone. Solid construction allows for mass annihilation of buttons and knobs and is the perfect center piece for any live show. The internal 6 track midi sequencer also makes this the perfect brain for the rest of your gear, ensuring you never miss a beat.


Although the learning curve is steep, the results in the end will be remarkable. Top producers in the world use these to create sounds that are impossible to achieve with software. As someone who is heavily invested in computer music, this brought me away from my mouse and back to the basics my predecessors reminisce. If you want a hands on approach to making music, this is good as it gets. I recommend you try this out, get away from software and get your hands dirty!

xof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A pure sound UFO!!"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
I will not repeat the technical characteristic of the beast .... Forget one would be a mistake!
To make it simple and repeat what has already been briefly explained in the notice below:
Basically the Monomachine is a multitimbral synth monophonic, 6 audio tracks 6 tracks + MIDI sequencing with external devices. No keyboard, but the keyboard pads can be used transposable 8 octaves.
6 outputs, 3 choices: 6 tracks out of 2 outputs (stereo) or 3 stereo outputs, or 6 mono outputs.
3 Midi ports, 1 out, 1 in, 1 thru. Implementing comprehensive Midi.
1 sequencer powerful 64 not max.
1 IN input filter for an external device.
Level audio engine, 6 different types of synthesis, all 12 machines.

In Elektron-called "machine" each internal synth present in the audio engine of the beast.


Very easy to use! Elektron first bike for me and I understand completely the craze for the brand!
Simplicity, efficiency, ingenuity! The guys at Elektron are musicians who create machines of their dreams: Powerful, original and authentic!
Few hours to play with the Monomachine and quickly understands the operation. Then, when you start to want to go a little further in the use of the machine just look a little manual to find lots of little tricks and super useful feature (you can choose to copy only a pattern, a melody The settings of a synth or all at once ...)


Yes Yes Yes!!
Sounds and possibilities of modulations are the great strength of the Monomachine.
You have to listen again and again demos to fully grasp the nature of the beast!
Sounds like a Monomachine .... a MONOMACHINE! He did not have to buy to try to emulate any analogue synth Korg and Roland, it will obviously disappoint!
Crossed lovers test sounds there! All my friends were just amazed by the capabilities of the beautiful ...
Try to do the same thing with a computer requires much more time and energy, believe me ...
Some are hard to tame but misunderstand certain functions ... Djx6 said:
"Tweaker too if you are not necessarily immediately perceive to change but after a while the sound rises and rises to require you to shut down and restart, however, as the backup is automatic, you will completely erase the piece and start or galérer has unmute properly and this can be very difficult. "
I think it's just poor management of time can become evil if you push all settings back!
The Monomachine features a very interesting time for each tracks (6 in total) and can quickly leave feedback if wholesale Pusse the feedback too!

Most demos on youtube show the Monomachine as a groovebox with integrated sequencer but his biggest asset is his connect a MIDI keyboard 49 or 61 keys and use it as a polyphonic synth!! Use it as a mono synth is already great, but when you go in polyphonic mode is just insane!


Reviews, below, OB-1 and Z @ y @ n, had motivated me to buy it and I reconfirmed after my purchase, the quality of their analysis!!!
The Monomachine is unique, both in its operation and in its sound!
We can not do anything with (do not look for the grain of a MS-20 or Prophet8) but you can do a lot of things, too many things!!
6 mono synths that are sequenced differently and in which we can return 3 LFOs (18 in all so!) It's just amazing!
Elektron wanted to create a machine with its own personality and they are tremendously successful!
I was intrigued that every album released on Warp label, I begin to wonder if they have not all been sponsored by Elektron ... ;-)

Some do not like its color and others will fan ... it is also simpler than that. UNMS-20 and Moog will always be appreciated by a larger number because their sound color have been heard thousands of times over thousands of albums ... The sounds of the Monomachine are "atypical" and that is what we love!!

Its price is high we always wonder what we could buy more if you sold it but when you compare the technical specifications of the bike we say a Little Phatty is expensive for what it is ...
I sincerely believe that we can not criticize the Monomachine as it is too surprising and unclassifiable as everything that Elektron elsewhere ... The new price is still high but bought Rolls Royce was never cheap! ;-)

pierrebou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Last of the best"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
Several synthesis engines are available for each track.
Modeling for the SID 8bit samples type battery Drum Machine SP12, FM, wave tables and speech dictation magical kind. Possibility of treating an external signal.
Effects on each track.
Oriented sequencer live (real-time transposition, p-locks) to put it all in rhythm.


The trademark is their Elektron sequencers.
the Monomachine no exception to the rule and it is very enjoyable: we start the beast live and work in the steps of the sequence by modulating any parameter. The little tremolo, everything is monaural.


I hesitated to buy it, I had the MD that I liked, was Elektron promotion: Octatrack between my heart and Monomachine swinging.
And I made the ... bad choice of MM: synthesis engines are really gadgets, I found myself using the SID that, a priori, I was not interested because it sounded ok but was a little light can issue. I do not really understand engines based on wavetables, finally I've used wavetables but just one cycle, I do not see much use, I think they also sound a little nag. Spell and speak about, it's fun to play with, ridiculous when trying to phonemes and once we had a good laugh, you stop using it.


Not a machine for me, I traded against a spectralis I kept even shorter!
Because of the Mono Machine, now I'm freaking the analog oven!
I love MD and OT, but the pure synthesis side in Elektron disappointed me.

jouks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Fx Lab"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
The previous notice is all that is more specific on the subject.

Characteristics for 9/10


Elektron configuration is in all its glory. Intuitive, after acclimatization. Very easy once mastered. Editing sounds is a cinch.
We start from a "machine" as they are called Elektron is a sound generator, the equivalent of an oscillator to a synth, then manufactures the desired sound. Variations were tested according to the knob and construct the desired sound. Nothing new compared with a classic synth. However this is where the specificity Elektron plays full. Ally to the sequencer p.locks provides a simple to change, live sound. As an analog sequencer coupled to an old synth, but so much more open in terms of possibilities. At every step of the sequencer can be attributed, memorizing the positions of settings, not many settings. It is a festival of sound. Especially since you can assign LFO.s to change the settings each time. Amateur sounds alive and unlikely welcome in the lab d.expériences sound.
Last, it is a module with 6 slices mono, 6 times what I just described, but it is even better because it is possible to link mono to get more complex sounds see a multitimbral (6 notes, logic). Finally, for those who wish to use their tools more sound, mono is 6 MIDI tracks. To drum synth or other, I stick one person Evolver, all is good housekeeping. P.locks exist for the MIDI tracks, but then we must recognize that it is less powerful than the internal. But hey, there, do not complain.


It is a contemporary sound. This is digital, but it must stop imagining that means it's rotten. Of course it may not sound like a Moog or studio electronics, but for this, it's best to get them. No, the philosophy of this machine is the sound architecture, the creation of digital sound and sculpture. Nothing prevents you to filter the output to make it more "warm" the sound. But it is not necessary to go through it. Must know how to love, appreciate its garish or medium of this machine. He is doing things quite unique and contemporary. The sound is typical, like all machines.


Do not buy this synth if one desires typical sound. It can not be limited avérrer that synth in his studio. Nevertheless, it is a very good synth sounds to create original and refreshing sound set.
It is also a very good synth alone for lovers of glitch, chant of synthetic or hearts that sounds or digital medium.
I have some of the old synth, the recent, they all have their specificity. It is still part of the cabbage sprouts. It occupies an important place in my Lab. He is in charge of Fx and two other machines (and waldorfpulse Evolver). So it may even through pulse send cv to bousins ​​old.

I'm not ready to part with. At it again? Yes I take one away. On a desert island, this is the ® i ship in Electron

z@y@n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Unique in its kind"

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
Basically the Monomachine is a monophonic synthesizer multitimbral, 6 audio tracks, MIDI tracks + 6 for sequencing external devices. No keyboard, but can use keyboard pads, transposable 8 octaves.
6 outputs, 3 choices: either 6 tracks out of 2 outputs (stereo), or 3 stereo outputs, either 6 mono outputs.
Midi 3 ports, 1 out, 1 in, 1 thru. Midi comprehensive implementation.
1 of 64 powerful sequencer not max.
1 IN input for an external filter.
Level audio engine, six different types of synthesis, all machines 12.
In Elektron called machine every synth present in the internal audio engine of the beast.
Example: In the synthesis Superwave there are 3 machines,
Superwave Saw oscillator whose start of saw-tooth type,
Superwave Pulse oscillator whose departure is type pulse
Set Superwave that creates an agreement of 4 notes max.

I will not dwell in detail on all machines, it would be too long, but each machine is quite unique, you must take time to know them in depth.

NB: There is one last "family" machines, the effects, which is not similar to pure synthesis but to a variety of effects (chorus, flanger, reverb, etc..) That can be assigned one (or more) 6 tracks internal mono, and we will route to a source that can be determined in advance. This source can be one (or more) of the five other tracks internal or external via a track input In the machine. This is a bit unusual, I do not use it much, but it is still powerful as this (or these) track (s) are fully séquençables FX as a normal track, with envelope, filter, P-locks, and everything.

Features more monstrous than on paper. 9/10


A breeze. Who already knows the Elektron philosophy, it takes 2 minutes to understand how it works. For a novice Elektron, go one hour.
If, however, there are still some gray areas in the head of the user manual is very well done.
Ergonomics Elektron is unique, it really is the highlight of their machines, we do what we want (or almost) without ever stopping the sequencer is saved in 3 seconds, almost everything is copyable / bondable, notes , patterns, p-locks, etc..
Level edition, we walk on 7 pages with 2 buttons "up" and "down", each page contains 8 parameters, each parameter is edited with the encoder corresponding to the 8 on the machine. Each parameter is p-lockable.
7 pages are:
- 1 page synthesis (sound editing: oscillators, sync, tune, etc), the settings on this page depend on the machine that has been chosen.

- 1 page Amplifier (1 AHDR for VCA envelope, distortion + 1, 1 level, 1 pan, 1 portamento)

- Page 1 Filter (Filter LP / HP / BP with resonant edition of the envelope)

- Effects 1 page which contains 1 1 band EQ, 1 sample rate reducer, 1 delay that I love.

- 3 pages LFO (LFO 3 can be assigned to any parameter with multiple waveforms possible)

Each parameter is p-lockable, so imagine the complex sequences that can be drawn from all this.

Attention, the ergonomics Elektron causes addiction and may cause frustration to other bikes. 10/10


Sounds very specific very typical, but quite unique.
It is sharp enough with envelopes fast enough, the mids are very present.
The Subs are powerful, but do not expect them to be as well defined as the synths analos. Who loves me well Dub low, I struggled a bit with mono, it is possible but it is not his strong point, this is why I took a SE-1X for it (oh yeah :)).
This is digital, but not that cold, once you filter it properly.
She was in the belly small.

The real highlight of the Mono is complex sequences that can be drawn through the sequencer formidable but, FX, noises, basses & leads sharp it can get.
You really get him in for a treat, and then everything is possible. The Sound designers and other laboratory sound will be delighted.

Go, 8/10 because its sound aspect so special is its advantage as its default.


it has been 2 years since I have.
This is perhaps my Home Studio machine with which I am more ambiguous relationship. There is a certain mystery about this bike is the one I know the least, and yet it offers huge opportunities. I did not quite have plunged, but I will, sometimes I think about selling because I under-used, but at the same time I can not do it, I have too big frustration in the making.
Like any machine Elektron, it has a unique character, needless to compare with other models of keyboards.
This is a machine that will fit in any config, it is a perfect complement its set fx, leads, and noise sequences psyche it can get.


- The powerful sequencer and so well thought out (a toy for adults)
- Its unique sound character
- Perfect machine in master channel audio (this is the "mama" of my setup)
- Its features comprehensive
- Very endearing


- Not a fan effect, except that I love the delay

A machine that leaves no one indifferent. 9/10

ob-1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
see details on the site elektron: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.elektron.se/products/?sPage=info&sProd=ES_SFX60MK2.std" target="_blank">

9 / 10, because for me its only real flaw is the low number of location for the pattern, the usages of soft C6 is essential if you do not want to remove its track and the liveset As


A quick overview of the manual identifies the different functions, the machine is very well designed, use is extremely intuitive
First the overview:

here, no hidden sub-menu, no endless bank of sounds, it focuses on the essential: to make her smile and with the bonus

each track is available on 7 pages each offering 8 parameter editable:
1-SYNTH, this page will vary depending on the selected machine via "kit / edit"

2-AMP, we find here the classic A, D, S, R, then a distortion, a volume, pan and trimming of portamento
the distortion is very useful because, set upside down, it allows increasing the headroom of the runway to prevent the distortion in case of extreme trimming in other pages

3-FILTER, the filter is a kind of hybrid lp / bp / hp 4-pole, let me explain: the first 2 pots respectively regulate the cutoff frequency of the HP and LP, the following 2 Q, followed the attack and decay and the last 2 values ​​for the 2 envelope filters, we can obtain a wide range of filtering more or less destructive in two, three movements with a serious character

4-EFFECTS, several things here, the first 2 knobs control the frequency and gain of an EQ band, and then a trimming bit-reducer, the last 5 are used to set a tape-echo the most beautiful effect, time , send (mono or pingpong as it is given a positive or négatice), feedback (from the value 64 you start a autofeed the most beautiful effect) then the filter with a feedback control HP and BP modeled on the filter section

1,2,3 5,6,7-LFO, the first 2 knob denote which parameter you want to adjust, then comes the trigger mode, the waveform, the modulation rate via 2 serègle knob and frequency multiplier base (which allows fast changes) then the function Interlace and finally Depth

secondly, the sequencer:

is a pleasure to use, it works on the fly and you parry spend hours recorded different pattern and kit without ever pressing STOP

there are three modes:

GRID, classic TR, we set the sounds it is desired to about 16 steps, is pushed 2 sec and a small box appears on the screen to select the note you want to play (the latter is chosen in memory)

REALTIME, with keys or step with a MIDI keyboard is played in real time the melody

STEP (right where it should stop reading ...) we advance step by step to call, the manual states that it is a very experimental work
But two features make all the difference with competitors:

1 - the "parameters locks" or p-locks, it helps to lock one or more parameters accurately on a given pitch or in REALTIME, turn the knobs and turn from the movements are reproduced as if by magic, or in GRID, is pushed on the pitch that you want and you turn the volume pot to the value that is desired, to correct a practice automation made REALTIME example

2 - it is possible to sequence triggering of Independent the amp, filter and LFO, you can even put notes "pitchless" to create a p-lock upstream or downstream of a note

I let you imagine the possibilties in terms of both sounds of groove can be obtained with the combination of this
Finally, the MIDI tracks, they offer 8 knobs quite "p-lockable" to sequence your external devices, the 4 first order values ​​LENGTH, VEL, pitch bend and Program Change (!) the following 4 are used to control the Control exchange (these values ​​are defined in the global menu and will be the same on all your patterns regardless of the kit selected)

it is also noted that if the machine is operating in mono for the inner tracks, the sequencer is it polyphonic on all tracks
Edit: a small detail that I did not speak, destuctif the side of the sequencer, ie we did not need sauvergader to take into account changes in practice, except that if you record a sequence of p- locks in game or you simply change a note by mistake or not, well it is now final and fortunately it only affects the sequence and not the kits that are saved Irrespective
although this shows that this machine is really a creative tool, not a reader sequence, was quick to screw up these tracks if you do not pay attention (especially those from the electribe)
Again a backup via regular C6 is not a luxury
10/10, it&#39;s happiness in bar
edit: 8 / 10, for details on the sequencer that I just mentioned


The other big pieces!
because it is fine to propose a revolutionary interface, it is still necessary that the sound is up to it, and now we&#39;re not really disappointed, but difficult to describe because the beast on this side also a very strong personality.
At first, the sound is very digital with a tendency to exaggerate the medium, we also detected a slight impression of distortion ... but assure you once you start tweaking all this was cleared quickly access a very (very) wide range of sounds.

otherwise the dynamics is monstrous

GND, this is a generic machine that can crack the oscillator core to the SYNC / RING or to generate sounds simple, it comes in three modes BLANK, SIN (sine wave generator), NOISE (noise generator white or pink )

Superwave, analog synth emulation, very warm and clear you can make lead, nice bass or all sorts of things, to create three variations of Saw, Pulse of either a 3 * osc

FM + FM synth emulation is here that you realize the sounds most bizard with a very metallic grain, again three alternatives, 2 or 3 osc with different settings depending on the chosen envelope

DIGIPRO, digital synthesis based on a series of waveform is in my machine which has the largest sound, lots of character and huge bass, the machine is pretty basic bizard with different waveforms " Synthetic ", the second machine is a drumkit with 24 samples, and finally the last two offer a series of waveforms with different organs, strings, voices, or two either way 3 * osc modeled on the machine Superwave , one can also read waveforms staff

SID emulation of a single oscillator type SidStation, very big sound here too, the spirit is there but it is far from the original anyway

VO, voice synthesis, very fat and noisy slobbering, it is "weird-thing" of the craft, but always with the unstoppable momentum can be here thanks to p-locks the machine to talk with a grain more rotten Sayit the famous, hard to make him say something really comprhénsible without tearing their hair but also very strange synth to make digi-humanbeatbox, or effects of talkbox ...

FX here can be replaced by a synth effects or to treat various internal signals (an insert, as in) or external effects are reverb, chorus, ringmod, Dynamix (compressor) and since the OS 1.22 A flanger and a phaser. Sounds classic but largely Hon.
It should be noted that effects behaves like any other synth and should be sequenced to get the sound, so it&#39;s a step-effect "knowing that with this you have biensur other pages ( and therefore distortion, delay, etc.) and with p-locks you can imagine the kind of (mis-) treatment that can be applied.

Here as 10/10, not because it&#39;s the best sound that exists (it is far from its hyper-fat but ultimately impersonal groovebox, and next to real hardware synthesizer, it fades quickly)
but because at this price have so many possibilities with such a strong personality and does so very simple, it is unbeatable


I use it for a year, essentiellemnt live, first in parallel ableton that sequence my hardware, I use it with today as my main sequencer and Drumstation mb-33

I would go out of big bass with GND-sin, the DigiPro, and Superwave
Arpeggi the lead with FM +
the beat with the SID, the OT, and BBOX, and a big foot of death with GND-sin
Brief is the heart of my compositions with Drumstation and MB-33 to the rhythmic

the finding is: but how we did before?

It sounds so simple to use and

are totally allergic to sound bank and preferring to synthetic samples, I found in there just waiting for a machine, a sequencer creative and original synth and a bunch of little extra incentive to discover the trick

I found the feeling one has with an RE-1 or AR-1: function and use simple fun. Moreover, in his days of leaving the EMX I&#39;ve always wondered why Korg did not changed its concept to an ER near the Monomachine rather than the sort of all-in-a pretentious, the only positive I just find him (excluding the price) is that it is simple to use, but otherwise it sounds like a synth at the crossroads and too small defect of Use mean that I am completely disgusted, or where the ER-1 is a true craft creative, EMX is a toy for beginners or for someone who likes to make shit for cheap.

I&#39;ve also had a rm1x (my first machine sold quickly), and even if with the experience I see that it is a very good midi sequencer for the beginner that I was using was a bit obscure, and then the maximum bank with lots of sounds rotten, it&#39;s a little crazy hatred, and finally no work on the fly when we got hold of Fruity is frustrating.

Brief depresses me that by far all groove-machines I have used

I would do without hesitation that choice and I think even take a second to be dedicated step-effect "but it&#39;s still good money, and I&#39;m rather reduce my live-set and a studio there is nothing to able to record the instrumentals then get kits "special-effects" for a second pass-dub style ...

the quality / price is good I think, given all that gear offers in terms of functionality and sound quality (at the risk of repeating myself, one as the other are amazing)

I also think that this machine is aimed at both beginners (because it&#39;s simple and complete) as confirmed user (because it is an instrument very rich)

a fault (well rather a lack thereof): I would have seen an additional page in order to bring some configurable parameter on a single page because sometimes live is a bit hot to juggle between the pages when necessary for example to vary the envelope, then the filter and lfo, knowing that agait on a track at a time .. short for a comfortable live a midi controller is not superfluous ... well I tried but it is not find pages with noon we can ...
in brief
+ Sound (huge)
+ Concept
+ Interface
+ Encoders running at double speed (depending on whether or not the Rams)
+ Finish quality
+ Support elektron very responsive and friendly (that deserves to be noted)
+ Size (yes, because in addition it is very small)
- Memory is a bit light
- The interface that live in certain situations, requires a speed of execution
- They would still have been able to track internal 8 plus 8 MIDI tracks
- Sequencer "destructive"

9 / 10