Xotic Effects RC Booster
Xotic Effects RC Booster

RC Booster, Guitar/Bass booster from Xotic Effects.

gromeul 07/22/2005

Xotic Effects RC Booster : gromeul's user review


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This acts as a booster pedals, direct box (to minimize noise on long lengths of cable) and add the gain (a kind of overdrive).
Fully analog input / output switch and a start-up, 4 knobs (gain, volume, bass, treble).


It is only pedals so no submenus or another, nothing but effective!
No manual (there really a need?).


+ What surprises is the transparent sound of the pedals ... Indeed it (!!!), definitely not color the sound of the instrument which gives the impression that it does nothing (I understood the ('in-) usefulness of some other pedals ... arf !!!)... at first but it adds gain, sustain and that is all but the does well, even though trs and especially, again, without coloring the sound of your instrument.
It adds a little breath on earnings rev levs but hey, there is that in putting less!


I've had two months and what m'pate (really) is its transparency and efficiency of the sound of the instrument without changing the color and texture of that sound.
Mj 07/2005: In his clear, it helps boost the signal without saturating (all dpend level gain), so moving solo "audible." Of the distorted sounds, it does not change the volume (or very little) but adds gain and sustain (even on low values ​​of gain), which is apprciable to magnify the sound of a solo or rhythm
I have not tried other pedals of this type except for some distos but it respects the better my sound (assuming I have one!). A good buy that I do not regret it.