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Zvex Guitar/Bass boosters user reviews

  • Zvex Super Hard-On

    Zvex Super Hard-On - "One bright clean boost"


    - Crackle Okay knob - LED - 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate. - Hand painted enclosure - True bypass UTILIZATION You plug it in, you press the footswitch, it boosts your signal. You turn the knob, it crackles an…

  • Zvex Super Hard-On

    Zvex Super Hard-On - iamqman's review


    Very simple ad easy to use unit. If you think you have a weak sounding guitar and or weak sounding pickups then this might be the pedal for you. With only one knob and two outputs for different amps or a tuner out there really isn't much to think abo…

Translated user reviews
  • Zvex Super Hard-On

    Zvex Super Hard-On - Guitar14's review


    It manufactures a hand pedals & painted by hand. Mine is a photo of audio fanzine. The PDAL has an & between two outputs UTILIZATION Configuration is very simple as there a knob. The sound is easily obtained more than child's play, the more y…

  • Zvex Super Hard-On

    Zvex Super Hard-On - Rolfpedalboards's review


    Booster Zvex made and hand painted. The object is beautiful. An input jack and 2 sortie.On can be used as booster 2 amps simultaneously. UTILIZATION One knob for volume boost when the amp turns your crack but easy to use normal.Plus I do not know…