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Zvex user reviews

  • Zvex Vibrophase

    Zvex Vibrophase - "The Most Beautiful Sounding Tremolo?" has images


    SOUND: The Vibrophase can produce sounds from subtle to complex, can mimic a pulsating tremolo or phase-type waves, but with its 4-stage phasing technology it produces incredibly beautiful sounds that take a tremolo-phase to new levels, as demonstra…

  • Zvex Fuzz Factory Vertical

    Zvex Fuzz Factory Vertical - "Heavy grainy distortion to smooth velvety fuzz" has images


    SOUND: The Fuzz Factory is one of those classic pedals that originally put ZVEX on the map. You can dial into some great distortion and fuzz tones, and even some freaky feedback if that’s up your alley. The YouTube demo below includes several sett…

  • Zvex Box of Rock (Vertical)

    Zvex Box of Rock (Vertical) - "Box of Rock gives you the 1966 Marshall JTM45 Amp Sound (Townshend/Hendrix)" has images


    SOUND: Certain guitars and amps have become desired collectables because they just happen to have gotten something right. The 1966 Marshall JTM45 amp head is such a beast. If unfamiliar with this amp simply think of early Pete Townshend and Jimi H…

  • Zvex Box of Metal Vexter

    Zvex Box of Metal Vexter - "Classic Metal with Box of Metal"


    SOUND: From a heavy pounding boom to a sizzle reminiscent of Dimebag, it’s possible to dial into several different tones with ZVEX’s Box of Metal. What really stands out about this pedal is how its heaviness still manages to cut through the mix inc…

  • Zvex '59 Sound Vertical

    Zvex '59 Sound Vertical - "'59 Sound Emulates 1959 Fender Bassman Perfectly!"


    SOUND: One of the most sought-after amps (combo in fact) is the 1959 Fender Bassman. Originally developed for the bass guitar, six-stringers began realizing how great it was for them – characteristics like responsiveness and that fat tube driven …

  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - moosers's review


    Zvex’s The Machine is a unique and disgusting distortion pedal intended for electric guitar. It’s not a cheap pedal as the description of it from it’s makers would have you believe as they literally say that it doesn’t sound good. Of course it’s al…

  • Zvex Ringtone

    Zvex Ringtone - "cool"


    The Zvex Ringtone is an extremely cool and unique effect for your guitar and any other electronic instrument. It's, not so basically, a spacey, chorusy, delay effect. You can definitely tell that it's a product of the late 60's! It's very rare and wa…

  • Zvex Woolly Mammoth

    Zvex Woolly Mammoth - "Fuzz loaded high price"


    Zvex effects pedal company has really taken a large portion of the pedal boutique market in on recent years. They've built some of the most highly used and easily recognizable overdrive and effects pedals on the market. One of their most prized in re…

  • Zvex Woolly Mammoth

    Zvex Woolly Mammoth - "Massive walls of fuzz."


    Basically this is a monstrous hand wired fuzz pedal. I have owned 2 and built 3 or 4 so I'm pretty familair with it and I'm a big fan of the pedal. I'm a big fan of crazy fuzzes and this might be my favorite. THe EQ and output knobs are pretty sel…

  • Zvex Fuzz Factory

    Zvex Fuzz Factory - "This is not a subtle fuzz box"


    - Volume knob - Gate knob - Comp knob - Drive knob - Stab knob - LED - 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate. - Hand painted enclosure - True bypass UTILIZATION With the Gate, Compression, and Stability knobs, th…