Zvex Mastotron
Zvex Mastotron

Mastotron, Distortion from Zvex.

babas3d 09/24/2013

Zvex Mastotron : babas3d's user review

«  The Fuzz Bass »

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Jack connectors and standard 9v DC
Settings Fuzz, Tone, Volume usual
Bass, PW and specific impedance
I did not open but given that there are patterns Mastrotron DIY, I would say it is analog.


- Fuzz increases the amount of distortion depends on many Impedance control (which is explained later) and
- PW can adapt the sound to the acoustics of the place where you play like a Presence (or contour or texture according habits) aerating the sound when the increase
- Tone lets the treble output Fuzz when it increases
- Volume is starting to slightly boost when more than 12
- Bass allows for three levels of low (none, medium, large). I would have added that low bass Dry unaffected by the fuzz
- Impedance is the setting that allows the foot to stand most other Fuzz pedals.

The Fuzz is a pretty extreme saturation operates (usually) the output impedance of the guitar / bass.
The impedance of the guitar / bass load the Fuzz. It is then possible to adjust the intensity of Fuzz acting on the volume of the instrument.
The more you close the Volume, which increases the impedance of the instrument will be less intense Fuzz without affecting much the volume output of the Fuzz.

The impedance setting allows for control over the impedance load the Fuzz. More one increases, the impedance between the Fuzz is low and makes extreme.
Thanks to him, it is no longer necessary to place the Fuzz closer to the output of the instrument.


With Fuzz at 12, PW 7am to 7am and Bass Tone on 3, the impedance setting:
- 7am ​​to give a crunchy sound boomy-
- 10am-11am gives his velcro
- From 12 to beyond gives its over-saturated
In general, I would say that the more you turn the impedance, Fuzz, PW and Tone settings to the right the effect is more intense or uncontrollable, and loaded in medium and medium-high.
For a bass player is to run the risk of seeing his beloved guitarist significantly increase the volume of his amp "inadvertently" :-).


I play an active bass thus provides a low output impedance making my Bass BigMuff Pi extremely extreme even with very light settings before I understand how Fuzz pedals work and the impact of the impedance of the instrument thereon.
The same thing happens when the Bass BigMuff Pi was placed behind another effect activated or not true bypass (Boss TU-3) Tuner.
In the end I sold the Bass BigMuff Pi to buy Mastrotron that allows me to regain control over the fuzz without changing my Neither go into passive mode or hack my Volume string instrument.
All without losing my bass with Bass setting and maintaining the ability to have a very extreme sound.