Zvex Mastotron
Zvex Mastotron

Mastotron, Distortion from Zvex.

LeoSpirit 12/28/2011

Zvex Mastotron : LeoSpirit's user review

«  Not obvious, but its excellent »

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Analog fuzz pedal, true bypass with 6 settings:
- Volume
- Switch between three levels of low
- Setting of acute
- Width of the pulses
- Fuzz
- Setting the input impedance

Input and output jack mono

9V DC power supply - or the center stack.


Just by seeing the controls we understand that it is not simple. Be sought before what you want. But it is doable.
The PW (pulse width) is interesting, I'd say it makes the sound more or less "fat".
The impedance depends if you plug a passive pickup, active or an entry type line ...
Treble and bass switch its also handy to modulate the sound.


It's really very very good ... when we managed to resolve it.
It's a fuzz to the sound quite modern but is rather versatile with all the settings. I play with a lot of different things: MUSE, M, Song 2 by Blur, White Stripes-style ... Once you get used to it can do just about everything, but need not be expected to be the exact thing ... otherwise have to buy the same pedalhttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif


I've had about a month I used it at home, in rehearsal and recording (home recording). I always find a sound that suits me perfectly.
I do not have much basis for comparison, before I had the Tonelab LE fuzz that was pretty bad. I do not really know how it is positioned relative to the market and everything but my ears tell me it's very good, the only drawback is a little complicated settings. At the same time it brings the versatility is what I wanted: not a thing with two buttons.
What I like most:
- Super strong case
- Great sound
- True bypass
With a little more money that would not mind paying the new, I feel it will last me very long.