Zvex Mastotron
Zvex Mastotron

Mastotron, Distortion from Zvex.

Totolight 04/11/2011

Zvex Mastotron : Totolight's user review

«  Exploitable and original! »

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It's a fuzz pedal analog very good. The metal case 11 x 6 cm exudes quality, its format allows it to integrate easily into a pédaboard. Power is supplied by 9 V battery or a power boss. For my part, I branch on a string but a priori it consumes only 1 mA so it should not eat too much battery.


The pedal is quite difficult to take in hand. There are five different settings, some very explicit: vol, tone (ok not worry about that), and Fuzz (Big Muff is like the more you put more fat is ...). By PW cons (which changes the waveforms) and relax push (which adjusts the impedance) are setting harder to grasp. It also has a 3 position switch "sub" to adjust the bass level. All knobs are very sensitive and directly affect the sound. They interact a lot of them hit the possibilities are numerous. We must therefore spend time to understand the workings of the beasts, and 1 month of use I still have not done the trick.


In terms of sound is a Big Muff in much better. It is very versatile palette of sounds is very important. The impedance setting lets get lo-fi synth sounds really interesting (I should mention that I use the effect with a Telecaster and a Vox AC15). With a wha (Glab) connected upstream harmonics are obtained incredible solo worthy of the most outlandish of the Queen of the Stone Age. We can use the effect-note or power chord, but like all the fuzz is difficult to exploit in full agreement. In short the sound is very distinctive seventies, I think we can easily combined with other effects to the inverse of a big muff which she tolerates well. It is stated on record that we can easily use the mastotron with a synth or a bass, to do so.


I use the pedal for 1 month. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The pedal is very good and is easily exploitable if you look a little on the settings. I had in my possession a big muff and a boss turbo distortion and I also tried a fuzzface (something red and round ..) but I found the sound is very exploitable (big muff, fuzzface) is not very original ( distrorsion turbo, which is not a fuzz, but I used it as such). This pedal offers everything what I was looking for a long time so I'm happy !!!!!