Zvex Super Hard-On
Zvex Super Hard-On

Super Hard-On, Guitar/Bass booster from Zvex.

xxmartinxx 10/02/2011

Zvex Super Hard-On : xxmartinxx's user review

« One bright clean boost »

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- Crackle Okay knob
- 9 Volt adapter requires modification or replacement bottom plate.
- Hand painted enclosure
- True bypass


You plug it in, you press the footswitch, it boosts your signal. You turn the knob, it crackles and further boosts your signal. It doesn't get much easier than that. I think this pedal could greatly benefit from some equalization knobs. Read further.


This is a very hi-fi sounding pedal. It is also very bright and not at all transparent. Almost, sort of like an instant VOX AC-30. If that's your thing, this might very well be a pedal you will fall in love with. If a take your head off bright sound is not your thing, you probably would not like this pedal. Unfortunately, due to lack of volume control or any equalization this pedal is the definition of a one trick pony.


If this pedal had any flexibility it would be one of the cooler boost pedals out there. Since it does one thing, I find it almost useless as a boost pedal. The best you could do is run it all the time and EQ your amp. I can't imagine running this pedal as something you kick on while playing due to how might treble the pedal adds with no ability to adjust it to your guitar and amp.

As with all ZVex pedals, you are paying a bit for the custom paint job. I know that they now have silk screened version that bring the price point down, but not nearly enough in my opinion. This pedals should be about half the price is currently is. There are so many great options for a boost pedal, I simply don't see how this one can complete anymore. Try before you buy.