Mono M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar
Mono M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar

M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar, Guitar Case/Bag from Mono.

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le reverend12/01/2016

le reverend's review"A softcase that seems efficient for transporting and protecting"

Mono M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar
I only bought it a few days ago, I got this softwase because i was tired of traveling with a heavy, cumbersome case.
This softcase is light, it protects the instrument as it should and has a few tricks up its sleeves: the neck is held when you close and zip the softcase, the instrument is top-loaded, which is very practical (you don’t have to put everything down, which is a real asset on the small stages I’m accustomed to), heavy padding that protects the lower part of the instrument and seems sturdy (even though I’m not convinced by its look).
Another good thing is every model or so seems to fit: I originally bought it for the ESP Eclipse I use with my band, I also manage to put a Gibson LP, Gibson ES-339 or a Strat in it. Cool.
It seems to match my expectations : a good protection for my instrument which is easy to transport and handle, versatile and sturdy.
The latter point is of course to be confirmed with time, still I have a few regrets:
- its price: really expensive, especially for a Made in China product. US design doesn’t explain or justify everything.
- the straps can’t be detached, hence can’t be replaced in case they were to break. I’ve seen that on other models. Plus, you can’t put them away when not in use, they’re always here hanging (even with their length minimized)
- a handle on the front would have been a nice feature. OK, there’s one on the back but it’s not the same.
- the pocket compartment lacks a bit space: it lacks thickness and puts all your accessories straight up on the guitar, and even if the foam layer seems comfortable it’s too bad. Plus, I’ll struggle to put ALL I’d need to put in it (strap, replacement strings, dust cloth, pliers and screwdrivers…). They could have made it a bit larger, it wouldn’t have hurt anyone (except perhaps the marketing guys).

All in all, I believe I’m done with stretching my arms in the subway because of heavy cases. This is a great thing (plus, stretched arms were of no use for me as I no longer play the bass)