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  • Gibson Les Paul Case

    Gibson Les Paul Case - fredian's review


    Originally with my Gibson LP Standard 1996 bought in 2006, I had the same (same finish and all) with my former studio LP (1996 also), is used since 2000 ann eo I offered my studio. we therefore make a tui brown faux leather, also evokes a coffin t…

  • Gibson Les Paul Case

    Gibson Les Paul Case - Don_Viviano's review


    Moumoutte rose a vile taste, but it's too cool. The flycase is strong and it shows, although rigid, the guitar does not move. As against the wig comes off a bit. The lock code was broken immediately in the closed position, so I gave him mouth fuc…

  • Fender Tolex Electric Case

    Fender Tolex Electric Case - Dish1's review


    I bought a baja tlcaster comes with a gig bag. I DCID him join a hard-tui capable of being protected at best. I bought in the U.S. via Ebay a black fender hardshell indoor Magenta. This is the great class! the guitar is souverraine (I almost feel l…

  • Gator Cases GC-ELECTRIC-A - Electric Guitar Case

    Gator Cases GC-ELECTRIC-A - Electric Guitar Case - Eяяаtom's review


    I use it for 5 years, at each rehearsal and concert (and God knows there was!). the + - Guitar well protected - Good aesthetics of the interior, it's sweet! - There are two spaces to store your string sets, fast freight, picks, etc. .. fags …

  • Thomann E-Guitar Case LP-Style PVC

    Thomann E-Guitar Case LP-Style PVC - vince71's review


    I bought this box 2 weeks ago. This is my first hardcase, before I only had to wear bags backpack. It's good to carry around a guitar in the boot drive, but the subway is close and there is no strap to wear it ... Most: <ul> the material is PVC so…

  • Gator Cases GC-ELECTRIC-A - Electric Guitar Case

    Gator Cases GC-ELECTRIC-A - Electric Guitar Case - StoneSour's review


    A very good case for STC-Shaped Guitars, although robust, with a velvet interior and 2 compartments for storing the strings etc ... It also has verroullage-key, practical ... The price / quality ratio is good for a case of this quality, I would do …

  • Gibson Les Paul Case

    Gibson Les Paul Case - Mr Flo's review


    -I do not use it for a long time but I find it very good. -Most: The guitar has the inside does not move at all (for the Les Paul, SG I do not know), it protects really well and a nice handful. -The -: At the moment I see it. -The quality / pri…

  • Coffin Case 200VX

    Coffin Case 200VX - Vlec's review


    I use it for a short week, and I really love the look of this flight case. Happy owner of a Dean ML model left, I was looking for a box to my beautiful, and obviously, it's the only one that suits him. Of course, € 150 (price) is quite high, espe…

  • Ibanez M100C

    Ibanez M100C - springfield's review


    For those who do not trust the covers (which are not very protective in a fall) I urge you to choose this case. Especially be careful that the model is, it is compatible with all models of Ibanez, but the other brands I really do not know. The interi…

  • SKB sfr-6

    SKB sfr-6 - Pm.'s review


    Fact Sheet on the manufacturer's website ( ) Flight case ordered for a customer that I recently. Assembled in Mexico, there is a label inside with the name of th…