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Choruses for Guitar user reviews

  • Doc Music Station PIEM II

    Doc Music Station PIEM II - "Chorus and Vibrato with Three Different Modes Equals Diversity" has images


    SOUND: The Piem II produces some lush and ethereal sounds, from classic vibe and chorus to modern prog shimmers, as demonstrated in the YouTube video below: Unique to the Piem II are the various sett…

  • Peavey DSC-4

    Peavey DSC-4 - "Most Triumphant Chorus"


    I got a fender Tele with single coils and a solid state fender champion 100 with a dozen effects pedal-board. Ive played this pedal through a keyboard also for that electric piano sound. This pedal is old-school so its got a rat pedal style pin…

  • Ibanez SC10 Super Stereo Chorus

    Ibanez SC10 Super Stereo Chorus - "Nice Analog Chorus"


    This is the next generation of Ibanez chorus after the very good cs9. Very close sounding to the CS9 but with the addition of a delay time knob. This pedal is just as solid as its predecessor, made of die cast METAL (NOT PLASTIC)except for the swit…

  • Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus (Vintage)

    Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus (Vintage) - "A great chorus"


    I own a 1982 Ibanez CS9 - hence Made In Japan. If you fall for it on the second-hand market, don't hesitate to open it so as to clean it up and use an air spray to get rid of all dust then use it to clean the contacts, pots and jack. 2 setting …

  • TC Electronic Corona Chorus

    TC Electronic Corona Chorus - "Another Good TC Electronic Pedal"


    I don’t really like chorus pedals especially with distorted guitar. I can tolerate it on a clean sound, but there are much better effects to add to a signal than chorus. With that said, I have TC Electronic’s Corona Chorus on my pedalboard. Why yo…

  • MXR M234 Analog Chorus

    MXR M234 Analog Chorus - "Great Chorus"


    Analog chorus Besides the classic controls (depth, volume, rate), you can also modify the tone (low and high). There are two "mono" and "thru" outputs to use it with two amps (which I've never done). The box is made of metal covered with metallic …

  • Carl Martin Chorus X2

    Carl Martin Chorus X2 - "For the more discerning player"


    The Carl Martin Chorus X2 is a stereo chorus pedal that offers two independent choruses that you can switch between without moving dials midway through a song. So in effect it’s two identical chorus pedals in one box (except for the fact that you ca…

  • MXR M234 Analog Chorus

    MXR M234 Analog Chorus - "Simply awesome"


    Analog chorus Two EQ controls: low and cut One volume control One rate and one depth control Two output: mono and stereo USE I haven't opened the manual. It's very easy to find your sound. The EQ and parameters allow for a really wide varie…

  • MXR M234 Analog Chorus

    MXR M234 Analog Chorus - tyfab29's review


    Analog chorus EQ for highs and lows. Controls: Level, Rate and Depth Status LED. Metal box. Made in the USA. Color: Blue. Optional power supply. USE Very easy to use. User's manual? Yes, but what for? Satisfying sound quality. SOUN…

  • Boss CE-3 Chorus

    Boss CE-3 Chorus - "Discreet and effective"


    Boss chorus pedal, mine is made in Taiwan (or Formosa, for erudites and old dogs) and it's Green Label. It has two controls, depth and rate, and a third one to output sound to two amps: so, two outputs. You can either output the chorus on both or th…