TC Electronic Corona Chorus
TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Corona Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

jefferyfreelance 05/12/2015

TC Electronic Corona Chorus : jefferyfreelance's user review

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I don’t really like chorus pedals especially with distorted guitar. I can tolerate it on a clean sound, but there are much better effects to add to a signal than chorus. With that said, I have TC Electronic’s Corona Chorus on my pedalboard. Why you may ask, well that’s because my band does covers, and some of those covers are from the 80s. Everyone knows that if you play a song from the 80s you better have a chorus pedal on, because as a collective group we guitarists turned on our chorus pedals back then, and didn’t turn them off until sometime in the 90s.

When I went shopping for a chorus pedal I wanted something versatile, small, and at a good price point. Strymon’s Ola provided multiple settings at a decent size, but more expensive than my budget allowed. Boss has a couple of good choruses, but they lacked the multiple types that I wanted. In the end, the Corona made the most sense. The key that makes TC Electronic pedals amazing tone generators is TonePrint capabilities of the pedals. I already owned two other TC pedals so I knew the build quality was there.

The Corona has four knobs and a mini-switch for controls. The knobs are: Speed, Depth, FX Level, and Tone. The mini-switch allows changing between the preloaded chorus and tri-chorus along with one slot for beaming a TonePrint to. The tone knob doesn’t work as well as I would like if it is turned all the to the left the chorus effect completely disappears. It does not give a richer tone, but it does work when turned more to the right giving a much more treble sound to the chorus. I like the standard chorus more than the tri-chorus, but that just might be my old ears not liking something new.

My two usual gripes about TC pedals I will repeat here: I want more toneprint slots and it eats batteries so get an external power source for it. If removing the battery feature would give enough space to add circuitry to allow more TonePrints, then I’d be all for it.

Sometimes the necessity of the situation determines the gear purchase. I don’t particularly like chorus, but it is a necessary evil to try and capture the sounds of the performance of other guitarists. My pedalboard would look different if I were in a different band or situation. This is not a bad thing it is a necessary thing. With that said, TC Electronic has built yet another great pedal. Solid construction, good sound, versatility, and small size.