TC Electronic Corona Chorus
TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Corona Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

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jefferyfreelance's review"Another Good TC Electronic Pedal"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
I don’t really like chorus pedals especially with distorted guitar. I can tolerate it on a clean sound, but there are much better effects to add to a signal than chorus. With that said, I have TC Electronic’s Corona Chorus on my pedalboard. Why you may ask, well that’s because my band does covers, and some of those covers are from the 80s. Everyone knows that if you play a song from the 80s you better have a chorus pedal on, because as a collective group we guitarists turned on our chorus pedals back then, and didn’t turn them off until sometime in the 90s.

When I went shopping for a chorus pedal I wanted something versatile, small, and at a good price point. Strymon’s Ola provided multiple settings at a decent size, but more expensive than my budget allowed. Boss has a couple of good choruses, but they lacked the multiple types that I wanted. In the end, the Corona made the most sense. The key that makes TC Electronic pedals amazing tone generators is TonePrint capabilities of the pedals. I already owned two other TC pedals so I knew the build quality was there.

The Corona has four knobs and a mini-switch for controls. The knobs are: Speed, Depth, FX Level, and Tone. The mini-switch allows changing between the preloaded chorus and tri-chorus along with one slot for beaming a TonePrint to. The tone knob doesn’t work as well as I would like if it is turned all the to the left the chorus effect completely disappears. It does not give a richer tone, but it does work when turned more to the right giving a much more treble sound to the chorus. I like the standard chorus more than the tri-chorus, but that just might be my old ears not liking something new.

My two usual gripes about TC pedals I will repeat here: I want more toneprint slots and it eats batteries so get an external power source for it. If removing the battery feature would give enough space to add circuitry to allow more TonePrints, then I’d be all for it.

Sometimes the necessity of the situation determines the gear purchase. I don’t particularly like chorus, but it is a necessary evil to try and capture the sounds of the performance of other guitarists. My pedalboard would look different if I were in a different band or situation. This is not a bad thing it is a necessary thing. With that said, TC Electronic has built yet another great pedal. Solid construction, good sound, versatility, and small size.
King Loudness01/31/2012

King Loudness's review"Wasn't overly impressed"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
The TC Electronic Corona Chorus is another one of the new Tone Print pedals that the company has released. It was initially of interest to me when I wanted to pair one with my Flashback delay for some shimmer on my clean sounds. It has a slightly less complex feature-set than some of the other pedals in this series. It has a basic chorus setting, and a switch to take it into the Tone Print (load presets on with USB) or Tri Chorus modes. The controls are nice and basic, just speed, depth, tone and a master FX level. It is on par with many of the popular chorus pedals on the market (BOSS, MXR, EHX, etc) for features. It does have the nice small size and easy to access battery compartment which are nice things to have in a pedal for sure.


Setting up this pedal is pretty easy. I wasn't really able to get any chorus tones that I personally cared for, but the controls were easy to use and did what I thought. It can go from a nice light shimmer to a very warbly shaky sounding chorus. A nice feature too is the "tone" knob, which allows the user to dial the EQ in (IE: if they prefer a darker chorus or maybe something brighter) they can do that with this pedal. Like all TC pedals in this series it's shooting for a nice set of boutique level tones in an easy to use package.


I was initially very interested in this unit to add some nice shimmer to my clean sounds and perhaps use it with some overdrive for an eighties type "detune" effect as well. Unfortunately I just could not get into the tones of this unit. It didn't quite have the rich and lush choruses that I was hoping for, but it tended to sound a bit thin and bright to my ears. I tried dialing it in as best I could but I found it just not to work for my ears. The regular chorus mode and tri chorus mode didn't sound too different to me, just a bit darker and more bassy in the tri chorus mode. It was surprising because I know TC is known for effects like this, but I guess you can't win 'em all.


All in all I think the TC Corona Chorus is a decent idea for a good quality chorus at a fair price. However I just wasn't impressed by the tones or way it sounded. It just seemed thin and anemic compared to what I heard in my head and ultimately I decided not to buy one afterwards. For $130 this pedal is a decent deal, but its tones might not be for everyone. I guess the user should really try one to decide!

iamqman's review"Great pedal"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
This is a pedal that has just come onto the market. TC Electronics have been know for their excellent effects rack units such as the 2290 or the G Major models. These units have served many artist and musicians around the globe. Now Tc Electronics is going after the pedal market with a new lineup of classic effects sound and overdrive boxes.

This unit is a chorus pedal that has a variety of usable tones for just about any chorus or flanger type purposes. You can get subtle chorus tones all the way up to a Leslie speaker simulation sounds. This is a great pedal for the money and with true bypass it makes it a must own for any chorus user.

TC Electronic Corona Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

3 chorus types including SCF- and TriCorus-style effects
TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by top performing guitarists
Speed, Depth, Color and Level controls let your sculpt your chorus sound from subtle to extreme
Stereo I/O for added flexibility
True Bypass preserves your tone
ToneLock protects your presets under all circumstances
Easy battery access
Small footprint saves precious pedalboard space
High-quality components
Road-ready design


Type Stereo Chorus
Inputs 2 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Power Supply Included No
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 1.97"
Depth 4.8"
Width 2.83"
Weight 0.66 lbs.


There so many sounds that can come from this unit. I personally like the subtle chorus tone that mixes well with high gain distortion for lead lines and such. If you crank the level up and have the the rest of the knobs around 1-2 o'clock it is perfect for lead playing.

Another great feature is the tone print which is the middle switch that takes it out of tri chorus and regular chorus. You can hook this pedal up to your computer and access many artist's favorite setting's and instant download those sounds into your pedal. They are completely free of charge and a cool features to have.


At new these pedals come in at around $129, which is a steal of a price. This is such a good price for a pedal that sounds absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend this pedal to anyone who needs a good chorus pedal. It is cheap and sounds good for any style of music.

goldorock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not the best chorus despite numerous opportunities"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
I could compare this long chorus chorus Mooer

and analog chorus Mxr analog chorus

it is really present as the all-digital electronic tc trying to get to the sounds of the other
then, where we are happy where we look elsewhere

However, the sounds can range from leslie sim to the traditional multi chorus chorus

but I have not found the extra sounds just means
not so warm against it by the marketing aspect is awesome !!

we should see if the software supplied with really allows to reach all conceivable sounds
but the basic sound will not really changed
the original color will surely be the same

fcalas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Chorus of modern times"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
Little green marvel at TC Elecronic which proves that manufacturers know how to pedal out the finger when it comes to innovation. Simple at first, it has 4 knobs (speed, depth, effect volume, tone) so far so good, and a small switch to select either a classic chorus (with a small flange), chorus sorting (awesome), and Toneprint mode settings are transfused great musicians or great musicians yours you are ... it is with the famous Toneprint the originality of this pedal springs! We'll talk about below.
2 inputs, 2 outputs, real, stereo, not stuff like nuts Boss CE-5, which sends you a rotten dry signal on the output B called stereo, and a stomp, normal, it is a pedal and without a pedal stomp is like a Bordeaux wine tasteless ... it's irrational!
I'm not talking about the two small switches that are inside the pedal that control and true bypass the kill switch. I do my geek with these barbarous words, but I do not understand ... you better go see the other reviews for this topic.


Simple as a Chorus! this is well known. Indeed fiddling the knobs few minutes was sound. Light chorus, rich, vintage, modulated with a small flange very pleasant ... in short, everything is there. The TonePrint allows you to pick your favorite chorus. To import, nothing more simple. Or you can download Toneprint editor on mac or pc, and with the supplied USB cable, you can transfer the pedal sound you want, and you can change at will. More in Toneprint editor software, you can create your own chorus moultes additional parameters. and to top it all, there is an app for iphone and android that allows "beamer" the TonePrints pasting the smartphone against the microphone of your guitar, pedal blinks green, and the sound is in the box. Magical.


The result is very good. Already, with the classic fashion chorus and chorus sorting, we find happiness, regardless of its affinity to the chorus, we love "purple rain" or "come as you are" everything is in the box. And the icing on the cake is the Toneprint. I would say it is the watermelon on the cake. It has almost all kinds of imaginable chorus. Personally, I wanted a Boss dimension C, a mythical chorus 80. Well, there in Toneprint memories "the dimension M" that faithfully reproduces the sound of dimension C. I can guarantee you that the resemblance is bluffing. So I stopped looking for this pedal, plus I am saving.


€ 129 for this product, I conquered. Given its disproportionate opportunities. And I'm not talking about the entire range which includes the vortex flanger, hall of fame reverb, vibrato shaker, flashback delay looper and I forget. A really super stereo chorus with stereo inputs for entering on the delay by example and keep the ping pong effect. A super versatile chorus, modern, vintage, dark, crystalline, flanger, vibrated and parameterizable wish. What you ask? I use another pedalboard of a CS9 Ibanez. J'adooooore the CS9! (I wrote a review for that matter) Super typed 80 donf, super simple. Corona, it goes everywhere.

Reiep's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A versatile chorus, but not great"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
Pedal to the classic format Toneprint series, 4 adjustment potentiometers (speed, depth and tone of the chorus, and effect level, knowing that the sound does not go dry in the DSP), a switch to choose between chorus simple, the famous tri-chorus or Toneprint, and the switch to activate the effect.
The inputs / outputs are stereo, supply 9V negative center.
Note the presence of a mini-USB port for firmware updates, or download Toneprint. The cable is provided.
Inside, two switches to activate the buffer or stay true bypass, or to activate the kill dry for parallel loops. All easy to open with his big thumb screws.
In short, a rather complete pedal. Remains the famous footswitch some love and others hate, I must admit that this is not the most pleasant.


Corona Chorus is very easy to use. 4 knobs and a toggle, I think it is in the ability of any guitarist!
Owners of smartphones can additionally download TonePrints without using the USB, it's even simpler.
Corona Chorus is placed in the series of my Diezel Hagen loop.


There was good ... and less good. Both algorithms default I find very even too lifelike, and without much character. The Tri-chorus is a bit more loaded bass, but I think it lacks a real difference between the two. These are two effects that are discrete, it is really no big chorus well now as I like (80's!).
For that, we have the TonePrints, and I highly recommend the Toneprint Dimension C that offers this type of chorus.
In short, without the use of TonePrints, I just stayed on my hunger. This is more of a chorus that is forgotten rather than sound basis. The TonePrints are far from gadgets and save the Corona Chorus in my case.


This is the fourth pedal Toneprint the series that I buy (Flashback, Polytune, X4 Flashback, Corona), and as his friends, on the whole, it's a good pedal. However, it lacks the character to be a reference, here we have two chorus too down and no real personality to really make an impression.
Nevertheless, one can find that with TonePrints, taking the time to look.

duguy182's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small but great chorus pedal"

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
We are dealing here with a chorus pedal, but with enough still very interesting details to make it essential that three different types of chorus (classic chorus and tri-tone print)

We therefore have, for the classical side, the four knobs that are the usual level, speed, depth and tone rather subtle and so much better it avoids unnecessary large filters the boss.

For original elements, we find the mini switch for selecting the chorus type, easy access to the battery as might already be on the PolyTune the same brand and two dipswitches that allow a kill and either dry or not a true bypass is a buffered bypass.


Usage is very simple and it is very intuitive. All knobs react well, we can find a good and it's very easy to test full-tone print and change.


The sound is great. I personally preferred the three-choirs for its sound quality, it does not mean that the classic is zero but the tri-chorus is so good that once you have tasted one wants anything else.

The tone print artists are really good and I think those of john petrucci and paul gilbert above. I, for once, chose a tone print which is a mixture between the tri-chorus and flanger scf to gain access to another its texture.


Ultimately, tc electronic off a major coup with this pedal as with its full range tone print. Find sounds racks tc pedal format at an affordable price with all options I say yes.

Far ahead of the boss and other mxr, this choice I would do without hesitation.