Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

CH-1 Super Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Boss.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 22 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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Fireguy8402's review"Nice Chorus"

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
The Boss CH-1 is the best selling chorus pedal out by Boss at the moment. The pedal has an Effect Level knob that adjusts the amount of chorus that is mixed with the dry tone, an EQ knob that adjust the amount of high end on the chorus, a Rate knob that adjusts the speed of the waveform on the chorus, and a Depth knob that adjusts the height of the waveform on the chorus. The pedal can be powered by 9 volt batter or external AC adapter. Dimensions of the pedal are Boss’s typical 2.4" x 5.1" x 2.9" and it weighs about a pound. A single input and either mono or stereo outputs.


This chorus uses the tried and true pedal formula that Boss has been using for years. Basically Boss builds little tanks, pedals that can take serious abuse from the road and never hiccup, and the CH-1 chorus is no exception to the rule. It is a very reliable pedal and I’ve never heard any complaints in the build of the pedal or quality control. It’s a very straightforward layout and the knobs seem sturdy and hold your settings well. The housing and jacks are metal and will deal with life on the road. The inclusion of stereo outs on this pedal is a great addition and really makes the pedal useful in a stereo setup.


This pedal does about any normal chorus sound you’ll ever need, and does it fairly well. There is a bit of fakeness when this pedal is maxed out, but I think that’s intentional and inherent of the effect. It does a very good shimmer effect when used subtly and can pulse and spin you right around in the higher settings. I only use chorus sparingly and lightly, but it can really make your guitar sound lush and warm with a swarming movement on just basic chords. When used in stereo with two widely spread amplifiers (I use one on either side of the stage) this effect is very trippy and just beautiful for clean playing.


Overall this is a pretty great chorus pedal for the money. Boss really shines in the modulation and digital delay world and this is no exception. I like that Boss included the stereo outs, stereo ins may have been useful as well for keyboard players especially. When used in stereo this pedal works great and has a large spread. The pedal sounds a bit sterile with the EQ set to noon, but roll back the tone knob a bit and you get a somewhat analog sounding chorus that really sits well with me. Chorus is an occasional pedal for me, so I don’t need to spend a ton on a boutique pedal that will be used very little. When I need a good chorus sound, I always pull out my Boss CH-1 and go from there.

iamqman's review"Sweet tone"

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
This pedal can go from subtle chorus effect all the way to slightly a little more chorus tones. This is a very subtle chorus pedal. However, it is very easy to use like most Boss pedals tend to be. You can even run it in a stereo operation if that's your thing. Unlike the MXR stuff I feel this pedal is more subtle in the overall effect, where as the Boss takes the subtle sound to make a useful but minimal sound.

Boss CH-1 SUPER Chorus Pedal Features:

* Classic BOSS chorus pedal with clean, brilliant sound for guitar and keyboards
* Effect Level, EQ, Rate and Depth knobs allow for precise shaping of sound
* Features Mono input and Stereo outputs for connection to dual amps


This pedal is very easy to use. With only four controls knobs only three of them are selected to the tone shaping parameters on the box. The rate and depth are what really control the tone of the pedal where the EQ just shapes the highs, mids, and low end of the unit. So you really have two knobs that do most of the shifting to your sound. This is where I think the pedal because light in its approach. The unit is the same shape as most Boss pedals but the I think it fails in the area of lush warmth that come with chorusing.


It does sound very good and most people including myself would be perfectly content using this pedal. I don't think chorus is a main sound in ones arsenal but perhaps it is for some. This a unit that should be used in a sparing way. Try it out with a Strat and a Fender Twin for some classic sounding lush chorus effect. This combo is a selling point for me and this pedal. It seems it was made for this type of combination.

My only real beef with the tone of this thing is that the thinness of the sound does sound a bit digital then analog. So the warmth is not there as the MXR Micro Chorus will sound. So this pedal doesn't come as lush in the depth category of the tone as other pedals do.


This a fine pedal for someone who needs a chorus pedal in the most subtle was possible. You are not looking for warmth or lush tones but something that will just add a bit of color to your tone. If you need something that is deep in its tone than the MXR Micro Chorus or Stereo Chorus will be up your alley.

I would recommend trying this pedal before you buy it because it may not be your thing and at around the same price as other chorus pedals like the MXR you'll need to try it out to get the feel for it. For new they come in at a round $90 which isn't bad for the pedal.

mooseherman's review

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
This is a very popular pedal for some reason. It's an analog chorus pedal, one of Boss's trademark pedals. Since its an older pedal, it is not able to be edited through a computer, is not MIDI ready, and it isn't rackable. It is simply a standard guitar pedal with the 1/4" input and output.


The effects editing is pretty easy overall. There are four knobs. One of the knobs controls the effect level, which is pretty obvious. The EQ knob actually affects the tonality of the effect. This is useful because there have been many times that the Chorus effect has frustrated me by drastically altering the intonation of the chords that I was playing. The rate knob controls the rate at which the filter passes through the signal, and the depth knob controls the magnitude of the effect.


I wasn't really a huge fan of the chorus effect before I tried this pedal. I always was frustrated that I couldn't make the effect subtle enough. That's why once I tried this, I really enjoyed it. The EQ knob makes it easy to really hide the effect. It sounds good without screaming "Hey, this is a chorus pedal!". Another reason I liked it was that cranking every knob up all the way takes it just farther than I'd ever be willing to go with this effect. Every pedal I know takes the effect into the ridiculous territory, even when only at 2 o'clock on each knob. It actually has allowed me to emulate a tone I've been pursuing for years, that of Andy Summers of The Police. Since he's possibly the only guitarist I've ever loved who applied liberal amounts of chorus to his tone, getting something that sounds sort of like him is really something special. I've yet to find a reasonably affordable pedal that sounds anywhere near as good as this.


I like the fact this is one of the better choruses I've found in pedal form, and it's usually less than $100. That's about the minimum you'll spend on GREAT pedals, and this is one of them. The sound is perfect for this day and age, when really obvious and obnoxious chorus effects have gone out of style, but the effect is still somewhat necessary. The overall sound is great, and doesn't really get in the way of your guitar's natural tone. I've played countless chorus pedals and hated many of them. I was really surprised, as Boss has somewhat of a hit-or-miss reputation with me. Recommended to anyone looking for a SUBTLE chorus.

moosers's review

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
The Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal is an analog guitar pedal. It has a 1/4 inch input and 1/4 inch outputs. It is not a rackable effect as it is a stomp box. It can be powered with a nine volt battery or by a nine volt power supply.


The general configuration and set up of the CH-1 is as easy as it gets when it comes to controlling and using pedals of this kind. It has four knobs - one for effect level, one for EQ (tone), one for rate, and one for depth. It is easy to get a good sound out of each and is pretty versatile overall. I don't have a manual for this but it is as easy as any pedal I have used and most should be able to figure it out pretty quickly.


The chorus effect on the CH-1 is really clean and vibrant overall. You can get a subtle chorus sound or get a sound similar to a leslie cabinet. It is easy to get a wide array of sounds from this, all of which have a great quality to them. I only use this pedal with guitar but it would probably work well with keyboards and any other electronic instruments you'd like to plug this into. Using this subtlety with a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal and a little delay can give you a really awesome tone. This pedal has the capability to deliver a quick and easy high quality chorus sound.


I've been using the Boss Super Chorus CH-1 for about three or four years. I usually use it with a Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb. While I don't use chorus all the time, this gives me the sound I need when I'm looking to use it. Its ease of use makes it a breeze to get a good sound out of it without any hassle. Boss is known for making reliable products with a great design and stability and the price makes it viable for anyone to obtain this if they are in need of chorus. While I would also recommend checking out a few of the other chorus pedals on the market to see where your personal preference lies, the CH-1 is definitely worthy of a look when it comes to guitar chorus pedals.
Audiofanzine FR12/13/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
(Originally written by Zorzi/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

The level knob is very useful to create subtle effects and if your amp has no FX mix control.


Settings couldn't be easier. You'll need some time to find exactly the sound you need but its operation couldn't be easier.


I like this pedal but I must also say that it's not conceived for psychedelic or extreme effects. If you use it a lot you'll get used to it and you'll even forget that it's turned on... and that's a good sign because it means that it is not annoying. This pedal is perfect to enhance your clean or distortion sound. You must obviously test it before buying it.


I've been using it for about one month. I like the fact that it provides a subtle effect. You'll quickly find a nice sound and will often want to fine tune it to get a more drastic effect. I usually think that I added too much effect when I see the settings right after playing, but when I use it again latter I notice that it's not the case at all. I'm still getting to know it...

I tested the chorus effect of the Roland Jazz Chorus 120 and also Electro-Harmonix' Small Clone pedal. They might sound better than the CH-1 but I find them excessive. I repeat once again: this pedal is conceived to color the sound, not to smear it.

I bought it secondhand at a nice price and I don't regret it.

pdecirce's review

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Boss is an admirable company because they actually do some very difficult things. They make relatively sturdy gear at relatively affordable prices. Their higher end gear is even better in this way. And looking at the BOSS SUPER CHORUS CH-1 analog pedal, one of their more affordable units, it's easy to see. Featuring the usual 1/4 inch in and two 1/4 outs (one is mono), this foot pedal probably makes it pretty high up the professional food chain. It's called SUPER Chorus because of it's unique, shimmering tone, almost like a lower and wider wave pattern than some of the first REALLY chintzy pedals. It's thicker midrange allows the player to get into some seriously different sounds.


Chorus in general is best used in the 'chain', in my opinion, AFTER things like wah and distortion and of course compression. Putting it near the end keeps the impact hot for things like tube drive or distortion, so I place is toward the end. This is a great first pedal and you may find it's your last for a while as the diversity of sound in its spectrum is surprisingly wide. Please note that sometimes the powering of chorus pedals is tricky; make sure you either use 9-volt battery or get a well-shielded chain for your pedalboard.


The most important aspect -- the tone -- is where this affordable pedal shines. Understanding what chorus does: imagine your tone coming down toward your amplifier and suddenly amazingly quick snippets of the tone were totally removed, like half a second's worth. Then imagine this 'ribbon of tone' moving as slowly or quickly as you'd like, causing at fast speed a 'shimmering' and at slow speed a rambling 'warble'. To the ear (and mixed in with the band) it sounds so shimmery and washy it almost could be two guitars. That's why chorus is excellent in one guitar band's arsenal: it's a go-to for me almost anytime I'm playing rhythm. I don't solo w/ chorus pedal, you may like to. Now the chorus is most effective at a quicker "rate" (thus the rate knob), the output level has to be above 12 o'clock due to a slight deflating in tone from the pedal and there's also a 'depth' which sounds exactly like that. All the while, it's "super" chorus. See, it says so right there on the pedal, mate. It's not just chorus. It's super chorus.


Ultimately I've tried other analog chorus pedals and have returned, oddly, to this one. For any kind of clean channel strummin', pickin' or cluckin', it just totally brightens up the tone (try it low rate). Or use it with drive and a high depth and jam some Smashing Pumpkin chords. It really is one of the pedals Boss got right, whereas other of their comparable low-end stuff (distortion, phase. etc) doesn't sound it.

hen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cold Chorus, lightweight"

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Chorus digital, pedal size a classic BOSS.


Simple configuration.
The volume of the effect,
A qualisation allows rgler the frequencies, a sometimes useful allows some correction
Rate and depth for the effect even him.

Handbook my useless sense.


The chorus is cool and lightweight. I do not dteste this type of sound, it does not altre the sound of your instrument.
With a single coil strat like a skyscraper or tl is a pedal that is useful in clean only. With the distortion, it disappears completely (or is place).
With a gibson (or double mahogany body coil) this pedal is no one does almost hear. The harmonic richness of the instrument crushes the effect.
Get Connected on RK30 orange and / or Fender Twin
This review is valid in the case of games rpet or live in bars for example.


I use it since I play on a single coil guitar. She just give a little funky rhythmic harmonic at or on arpges (Only when I want something lightweight)
Qualitprix the report is correct (even if it's ugly). It is solid because it took a lot of shock and it works like at the beginning.

No I not have that choice, I would take the Catalinbread (what I did :) but we are not at all in the same price range!

If you are looking for a lightweight and cool chorus is for you ...
Menestrel de malheur11/21/2013

Menestrel de malheur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus






This is my favorite pedal with boss, the only one I still use it elsewhere, I type in the most prestigious for the rest, the effect can be quite discreet but also pushed contrary to what I've read. In any case it is quality that effect. Well this is what the boss is not nice to see, it can blow, but it gets the job done. And at least it's a real chorus, not as in electro harmonix chorus and all rotten. Good product.

JOYAMO's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
I think everyone here knows, analog chorus with boss.


Very simple configuration. You plug the power supply (or insert the battery) and after it connects the input to the Send entry its effects loop and Output Return to entry (if you have an effects loop on the amp well on ...) and how it does not alter the sound of the guitar.

Otherwise four knobs to turn. Even without knowing exactly how this works and its effect just take a little time to play with these buttons to understand the effect of each and quickly find a sound that suits us. So use very simple, no-brainer!


So then it depends on what you are looking for.

To me that wanted a chorus to soften and deepen my sound is just perfect. The effect is not too strong and can be dosed accurately to achieve the desired sound. The sound quality is top, it's a great chorus that does not pay in excess.

For those looking for a strong and this chorus, I think you can go your way. Of course putting all the knobs to bottom you can get a psyche or out of the planet Mars sin, but for me it is not the chosen field boss CH1. For this there are other more typical chorus such as Electro Harmonix in my opinion.

This boss is just perfect for those who want a beautiful chorus to refine their sound. Sometimes I do not know if the pedal is on or off, which is not a criticism. A fact is not necessarily there to break your ears or too far. Once you get used to playing with CH1, difficult to pass especially for clean sounds that become deeper, more striking, but not excessively.


I almost always use now and I do spend more.
I have not tried any other model before because I knew I ovulais it and I had a great secondhand: € 50 purchased in almost new condition, it was a gift! In addition to reliability Boss is present.

What I like most is the sound quality and the presence of this effect: as I said it is quiet but but actually helps to bring more to his sound. We do not get tired!

Value for money: $ 50 secondhand do not hesitate! After nine to $ 80 on the internet it is still a good value.
Very good value in this product range. I remake that choice without hesitation.

I put 9 because those sui want a strong and distinctive product chorus will not match.

mezzoBlues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective!"

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
It is an analog chorus everything easier, with bonus 2 outputs for a stereo effect.
Obviously this is the boss, it's built like a tank so no worries, mine was in great condition, no pet, no! I was pretty darn happy with my purchase.


While there, very very easy to find your sound (sonson!).
A button for the volume effect, ie its presence in the final sound.
An EQ, this is the classic pedal throughout.
And most importantly of course, Depth and Rate controls which the amplitude and phase of the signal added, ie, the speed of the effect (Rate) and how the second signal will detune if I m ' say so.


As stated above I am very satisfied! The sound is just excellent, I am not of those who imagine a pedal will do miracles with your start-up sound, I usually play straight into the amp, the CH1 offers a discreet and very significant effect smelling the little wing.


I use it for almost a year, I've had a few multi-effects but I've never really been conquered by such effects, I had the opportunity to try a Voodoo Lab, but CH1 remained my favorite.

+ Price.
+ The quality of the effect.
+ Respect for the original sound.

- Nothing for the moment, I can say that it is not as stunning effect, but I prefer my respect her instead of color to death, and then for the price, it's just very good!