Rocktron 300G Compressor/Limiter/Hush
Rocktron 300G Compressor/Limiter/Hush

300G Compressor/Limiter/Hush, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Rocktron.

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HeavyMetalHero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Rocktron 300G Compressor/Limiter/Hush
Compressor / limiter / sustainer of analogue dot clbre Hush noise gate

An input
An output
1 in and 1 out (sidechain) to connect an EQ


It is classic and easy:

- Threshold of a knob to adjust the threshold or compression will begin
- A ratio knob (adjusts the level of compression). A value of infinity (bottom knob) Set compressor limiter.
- 1 knob of attack: the time (in ms) that will put the compressor starts compressing after threshold reached
- 1 knob of release: the time the compressor will release the compression once below the threshold. (Adjusts the sustain it!)
- A limit knob: to set the threshold from which the limit kicks in
- 1 + 2 switch knob (input and output volume) + nitre seen to fine-tune the level of (the 0) and exit 300G, to avoid the peaks and clips.
- 1 + 1 switch knob to enable / disable and settle the Hush.

Manuel very well and clear (for those who understand English - of course!


The 300G is very musical, it preserves the original sound, without distracting.
All this provides an analog sound quality.
It is trsrput for a.

It Intgr my silent rig rocktron (Intellifex, Multivalve, pro gap, RX20) and has always done his job without damaging my sound.
Its clean, it compresses, so avoid peak noise and slamming brutal.
Distortion in (naturally + or - compress), it acts primarily sustainer.
Here generally the usefulness of a compressor in a rack guitarist.


I used three years, I have to part with it because I now use my Multivalve compressor (which by the way this is very far short of the 300G) .. at least I allg my rack ...

On occasion, it is found in 80/120. It's very good stuff, on the other hand saw his age, though check the condition before buying. Especially potentiomtres.
Otherwise, the Rocktron so it's unstoppable, especially in analog.
I recommend it!