Rocktron user reviews

  • Rocktron Intellifex Ltd

    Rocktron Intellifex Ltd - "Great sound quality and AMAZING reverb!"


    Delay and reverbs are as pristine as it gets! Chorus is nice too and very complex (8 tap!). Lots of pros use these including Jerry Cantrell= enough said! Able to program Vai's Ballerina 21/24 too. Will color your Rhythm tones though so I switch it ou…

  • Rocktron Velocity 300

    Rocktron Velocity 300 - "Amazing!!!"


    - Solid-state amp with tube simulation - One input and 2 speaker outputs per channel - 2x150 watts max stereo or 300 watts max mono - One volume and one reactance (tube simulation) control per channel - Bridged mode button (mono or stereo) UTILI…

  • Rocktron Midimate V2

    Rocktron Midimate V2 - "Great Unit but Quality Control an Issue"


    I just bought a Rocktron Midi Mate, had it shipped from the USA, plugged it into my Triaxis using a Rocktron 7-pin Midi cable and supplied phantom power (9VAC) using a Pedal Power AC into the Triaxis. Turned it on and everything just worked! Awesom…

  • Rocktron Cyborg Reverb

    Rocktron Cyborg Reverb - "A bit overpriced and untweakable"


    The Rocktron Cyborg Reverb is one of the few pedals that Rocktron makes in their "Cyborg" line, which is a little unusual, to say the least. The pedal features 8 digital algorithmic reverbs, 8 preset spots, and it comes with Rocktron's Hush noise-red…

  • Rocktron Midimate V2

    Rocktron Midimate V2 - "easy to use"


    The Rocktron Midimate v2 is a midi pedal that I tried after using the one by Behringer. The Rockton Midimate is a good midi pedal with 128 presets and can be synced up in a heart beat. You will have no problems with this midi pedal. The manual that c…

  • Rocktron Rampage Distortion

    Rocktron Rampage Distortion - "rampage!"


    The Rocktron Rampage pedal is both a treble and full range booster/overdrive pedal that is designed for use with electric guitar. Hence the name, this is supposed to emulate that vintage British sort of drive sound. The pedal has pretty standard char…

  • Rocktron Rampage Distortion

    Rocktron Rampage Distortion - "Rock out Tron"


    Rocktron is really well known for their midi foot controllers that allow you to select rack unit effects or pedals without having to do a dance on your pedal board. They are also well known for their preamps and effects processors much like TC Eletro…

  • Rocktron Piranha

    Rocktron Piranha - "GReat for the money"


    Rocktron has put out some very affordable and unique music equipment. This is one of their preamps that they decided to make that on the outside looks very cool and on the inside had some great tones as well. This is basically a three channel preamp …

  • Rocktron All Access

    Rocktron All Access - "What am I paying for again? Oh yeah..."


    For those of you who are touring musicians and use rack or midi equipment, I don't even need to say it. Midi controllers are our everything. That's right. We are guitarists/whatever who pay cold hard cash for devices that don't even make sound. T…

  • Rocktron Banshee TalkBox

    Rocktron Banshee TalkBox - "Livin' on a....Banshee!"


    The Rocktron Banshee is a talkbox that utilizes it's own built-in 5 watt amplifier. - Metal casing - external speaker jack - 5 watt amplifer built in - amplifier output - 1/4" guitar input - on/off stomp switch - gain, tone, output knobs - plastic t…