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thomas1546 11/29/2014

Rocktron Prophesy : thomas1546's user review

«  very good stuff »

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Multi preamp digital effects

Good stuff, at least with a good tube power amp sound is very good, super versatile thanks to different equalizers (can be applied parametric equa (not sure of the term) to the equa Standard amp BASS MED TREB GAIN which allows very precise adjustment of the basic sound, it takes some time to get the ear to initiate a name, but after a year I had a terrible sound, with enough attention to its little sharp and quite low, but I love month his group is not intended to push and force of the blow is too strong etc ...)
Pretty easy and quick to learn, in fact it is complete and in good to see good quality.
Rather metal (monstrous) that jazz, but with proper and adequate equa guitar, really anything is possible. With a good midi controller that's great, we can assign any parameter! (+ Bass; + gain; - delay, activate effect, channel change, etc ...!) To a button on the controller

Basically it can suit preamp absolutely everything lmonde if you learn to use it, except his love of "all tube" except those who do not understand the digital

I used it with a Mesa fifty / fifty (old) and NOS baffle (v30, CL80) and my sound was frankly excellent in clear and drive, distortion (very wide range of "his" thanks to the equa parametric) with a good strat luthier or hamer artist korina hb jackson big sound.
It may be a little less good if you want a very vintage sound with such a slight crunch.

I had to pay 600 euros (the prophesy 1) in 2008 I think it was the secondhand basic prices, and frankly disappointed.