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elric66 08/22/2004

Rocktron Piranha : elric66's user review


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Preamp tubes (x2), a rack unit ... The connection is not too bad, effects loop, XLR Direct Output, input front and behind the rack ...... midi in and out .. ..not bad ... except they have forgotten the phantom power from Rocktron !!!! ... there has MIDI 'in' 7-pin but not phantom power supply !!! .. ..Ca fears !!! ... Even the progap owns the V2 !!!!
Otherwise 3 voicing, bright, vintage and modern .... qualisation serious, medium and semi-parametric acute ... Single Super ...! I put only 6 because no phantom power for my pedalboard Midimate ... ...:-(dropoff window


Very simple, easy regl very sensitive and qua ... the clearest sound at the saturated .... no manual because bought Cygnus .... may be a lack of rglage presence in qualisation especially for clean sounds ...


Well, I read that this preamp is made for those who write mtalleux ..... cel must be blind or deaf COULD BE ... (no hard feelings eh ?? !!) Let distortion, it there is a vintage fashion ideal for blues or rock !! .. Sounds fat and round, not too aggresif adapted .... all styles but not Mtal ... !!! For solis well saturs and metal riff, there is the distortion fashion Modern ... the ok..a can do it ... but beware, for dchirent pm which is not great either !!! ... Much less effective than a Chameleon (which I own) or a Progap (idem) .... For heavier things very well, is the fact ..... Otherwise, Pramp of this !!! ... The grain, a is the sudden !!! .... Hotter than the Vodoo exemple..surtout by high volume or voodoo is perfectible .... Otherwise, clear, contrairemnt what I've read can be totally clear !! ... On with a SH8 duncan, no obvious !!! But with doubles in intermediate positions, even with no worries the input 3/4 as I used! .. Its very clear round, warm ....


I use it for a month, good machine, differente other Rocktron products, homogeneous product, have bought secondhand 400th, I am satisfied ... I eventually will change for Prophecy ... !!dropoff window