Azalbel 07/15/2004

Rocktron Piranha : Azalbel's user review


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Well the features were detailed very well before so I do not really Raju.
Everyone then saw these lights and a preamp that's all, no effects, there is great against Hush, reducing his home rocktron ar excellence, probably the best of world to the guitar.

So priori we would have liked more, such as pre and post EQ and can be multi purpose, but being good given the quality of this preamp should not ask too much more ....
allows a more individual to choose the rest of the chain ....
Above all, this was not the purpose of this preamp, no interest for the vodoo is the a.

AH 2 lamps or the bcp have a .....


Setup is super simple but super effective, the parametric EQ is great in medium end so you can have a very large palette of sounds, but also to refine your settings or the other can not.

We get good quickly, so on we know what you are doing .......
Go in 3 minutes it took her a good fare !!!!! It took me 3 minutes if you want to take the time to look a little dee.
The manual is very clear, as the unit is purified, it works, all that we can love.
I put as much as I do not see how we could do to have sth more practical.


So the I'm not agree with the first view, it is FALSE, it is not a preamp for metalheads!
This preamp Rocktron is the exception to the rule, it does not sound like Rocktron in general, not like the preamp rack from the same period, and it is not that to make Metal !!!!!!
It's good for it has not had the success it deserves.
This preamp sound more "Vintage" so to speak, more grain than vodoo (2 lamps), a little less fishing. The grain is the first thing that jumps the mouth with this preamp. Its the blues, rock, hard rock, metal can be accessed with the piranha. certtain but, if n is a vodoo background is larger than the piranha, compress etc. .. more
In fact, this preamp, I think is one of the few who rack to suit those who do not like :-) racks and should be very well CEUs who love like me :-) .

For Epetion story, a friend came once to try it at home, knowing that a guy who loves more stacks etc. .., he was pleasantly surprised by the sound.

I use a parametric equalizer with the output of the preamp, which allows me to have also sounds great when I want big, cool sounds crystal clear, the equalizer allows me to further refine the sound for sound example of the 80 or more the mesa ....

I often use the single channel distortion, gain at 3 / 4, the grain is great, and I can add a compressor at start of string, top! For those who want to funk, a compressor before the golden rule and it is top Moumoune :-)

No, the noise level I think it's great stuff especially in prices or we find it ....


This is qq years I have and I'm really happy, the addition of a compressor and an equalizer is perfect to finish my chain. Attention is always my compmresseur branch masi not equalizer that is often bypassed, it is present to bring me more functionality but not to fix my sound!
To convince you, listen Mustaine and Pain of Salvation, is typically the grain can be obtained with the piranha.

ct so again, no problem, but maybe I will prophesy that brings the Piranha, Voodoo, and multi-effects, such as love rocktron ... :-)