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  • [NAMM] Amptweaker introduces Jr Series effects
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    [NAMM] Amptweaker introduces Jr Series effects

    01/24/16 in Amptweaker Jr Series

    Amptweaker has introduced the new Jr Series distortion pedals, three compact (but also less complete) variations of some of their original models.

  • [NAMM] Amptweaker presents TightMetal ST
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    [NAMM] Amptweaker presents TightMetal ST

    01/24/16 in Amptweaker TightMetal ST

    Amptweaker has introduced TightMetal ST, the latest evolution of their TightMetal guitar distortion pedal.

  • [NAMM] AmpTweaker FatMetal distortion pedal

    [NAMM] AmpTweaker FatMetal distortion pedal

    01/19/15 in Amptweaker FatMetal

    AmpTweaker will introduce an evolution of its TightMetal distortion pedal for guitar, the FatMetal.

  • The Amptweaker FatRock is available

    The Amptweaker FatRock is available

    09/02/13 in Amptweaker FatRock

    Amptweaker announces the release of its FatRock distortion pedal, which has been introduced at Summer NAMM in July.

  • [NAMM] Amptweaker FatRock and TightMetal Pro

    [NAMM] Amptweaker FatRock and TightMetal Pro

    07/11/13 in Amptweaker TightMetal Pro

    Amptweaker unveils at Summer NAMM two new distortion pedal, the FatRock and TightMetal Pro.

  • Amptweaker TightRock

    Amptweaker TightRock

    07/01/11 in Amptweaker TightRock

    The new TightRock Distortion pedal is designed to bridge the gap between two very popular Amptweaker pedals, the TightMetal and TightDrive.

  • [NAMM] Amptweaker TightMetal

    [NAMM] Amptweaker TightMetal

    01/11/11 in Amptweaker TightMetal

    The new TightMetal distortion pedal takes the TightDrive and TightBoost overdrive platform and provides metal and hardcore crunch tones with adjustable tightness thanks to the Tight control.