Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion

DS-2 TURBO Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss Turbo Distortion Pedal DS-2"

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Local music store, $90. I wanted a distortion pedal that I was lookin for.

It is a good pedal, I don't use it anymore, but it is ok. Definitly buy DS-1 instead of DS-2, trust me on that one. It has a turbo I and turbo II knob, I is for a low end distorion, and II is for a high end distortion. It sounds ok on either.

When usin it in Turbo II, it has a trebly dist. that is ok, but sounds kinda strange. The dist. in turbo II sort of sounds like the dist. comes in a little late, I can't describe it too good, but it is a good pedal i guess.

Built great, it is a Boss pedal.

Definitly, buy DS-1 instead of DS-2, you won't be missin out on anything good if you buy DS-1 instead. DS-2 is a good distortion pedal, but just buy the DS-1, it is a lot better than the DS-2.

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Kountch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Blah blah"

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Everything has already been said in the previous opinion.
Basically it's an analog pedal with 3 settings (tone, volume, gain) and a switch between two modes (I = DS1 colder, II = boost mids).


Easy pedal use, the battery is very easy to change.
The pedal seems fairly robust.


The sound is super synthetic (it seems that it is normal for Made in Taiwan).
Mode II is not workable for me (much too loud): This should be useful to boost solos but it takes an additional footswitch to switch modes when playing.
Live on a clear amp sound is pretty bad (it looks more like a kind of synthetic fuzz): we are very far from the "big" sound typical Nirvana I thought get along with. Oddly rendering is best on a transistor amp on a tube amp.
The use I've found it is a boost Crunch amp or coloring of the distortion of the amp. Indeed, its particular equalizer adds a rather grainy color to her personally pleases me. But I admit that it is a very limited use and that it is not worth buying the pedal.


I bought it used (she had almost never used) for € 35 hoping naively get a "big" sound typical Nirvana ... Needless to say I was disappointed.
The headroom is not as huge as touted by the manufacturer and the sound is very concise.
I must also say that I was getting an amazing idea of ​​Boss pedals (which made me dream as a kid) and I finally was disappointed (the second pedal Boss I own and the second disappointment - I have yet pedals Boss ME 70 I'm very happy). As if everything is a story of personal taste.
The only use I made is to color the distortion of an amp by setting the gain to a quarter or a booster Crunch.
For the price I did not do too bad a deal, but to use that I would choose another brand (and another model) if it again.

Thierry255's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Correct distortion"

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Distortion pedal of "legend": see other reviews for features.


Easy to use: level settings - tone - distortion, and finally two positions for the distortion: standard or turbo (standard on steroids).


Proper sound quality, a "standard" rather distortion, but with a lot of breath as soon as you shoot into a corner. The fault I found him I would have liked an intermediate position between standard and turbo for a precisely through distortion.
The Turbo mode for which I found that were a little too sharp pushed forward. Yet it is always the position that I used: I love sending heavy :)
Used exclusively with guitars.


I used it when I started on guitar, coupled with OD1. It was the job of the distortion for my period "grunge".
This is a pedal with a value for money at the top, findable less than 40 €! It is given!
Relatively reliable pedal with a distortion supplied rather very decent for the price! To start in the world (more extensive) distos, I recommend!
It seems that the DS1 would be better. I do not pronocerai because I've never tried.

emish's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Simple see below is a ds1 plus a turbo mode


Trs simple as: tone, distortion, and turbo level I / II


Surprised! I thought finding a DS1 (which I love) with more bite and attack. I stayed on my hunger. The sound is far too cozy with the same tonality as possible. Turbo Mode II, however, is effective and trs pedals gives more bite but it's still has the mtal ... It's pretty east Grunge I think, for the Nirvana is the IDAL!


The tuft of his hat and the pedals and nothing more. For the price I deprecated.

pmlouise's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
This a distortion analog read the rest for accuracy.
It's a Boss pedal format, it can be said to be pa especially pretty.
Four pots, with three classics: level, tone and drive and a turbo mode which allows for a fuzz.


The configuration is as simple as on most pedals.
The pots are a little raprochés can easily disrupt another button by touching the first.
Manuel? What for?


The pedal goes from crunch to the little fuzz in turbo mode.
But I find that the sound has no personality, she has a very cold again I find worse than a ds-1.
Turbo Mode I liked.
I used especially in crunch mode and turbo for solos.


I got it for about two months then I bought an Ibanez TS-9 suited me better now. This pedal does what is asked of him but no more.
The value for money is pretty average I think.
Take a ds-1 that sells for a pittance in OCCAZ with better sound.

devastator's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Of distortion pedals
1 vol, 1 tone, 1 gain 1 + turbo mode selector lmode or "normal"

I put 8 at this point because it is not easy, but we would prefer a little EQ has two knob in place of the tone.


Very simple, another cot is one of distortion pedals over home boss. no one who understands how to rule a boss must think he has to convert musically lol


The distortion is itself:
I have trouble with the volume knob I had to change, so I did not use it for a while. Meanwhile, I buy a tube amp and a fuzz factory
I rebrache and I dcus: the sound has auncune dynamics, setting limits distortion is nothing. The tone works a lot, has a background Drot and gain a background on the turbo was an imitation of an imitation but really fuzz.
The turbo does not add distortion mias medieum and more volume.

Personally I have a little change mine DNAS kind of Keeley (not rocket science and terrible masi it delivers more gain and distortion is a little change, masi ca does not make a good disto autun to Autun.

It dominates the field or is the crunch and as for the boost mode Staur the dchire it all (but atention to the background noise).


This is the first pedals I buy and it has served me well and continues to serve me a lot. But this is not the absolute distortion pedals of the loins. It fulfills its role ie a distortion that sends and personality but without much interest.
Rather perfer a big muff, or the marshall pedals, or jack and hide.
Contrary to what I could read it a 100% analog pedals.
It is suitable for small potefeuilles and even a big muff it's cheaper!