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Palmer Distortions user reviews

Translated user reviews
  • Palmer Mutterstolz

    Palmer Mutterstolz - Sonik Stach's review


    Proceedings of a test conducted at Musikmesse with Audiofanzine ( Overdrive pedal lamp (yes I know, sold under the label "distortion"), in a compact format, with a progress of the case to protec…

  • Palmer Solid Metal

    Palmer Solid Metal - Countdown's review


    Distortion pedal "Made in Germany". Quality construction, durability and weight (not far from 1kg) trust. It is all metal, rather aesthetically beautiful. It is equipped with 6 knobs: gain, volume and 4-band EQ if you can tell because there is t…

  • Palmer Solid Metal

    Palmer Solid Metal - " well"


    So say it now, this is a pedal to the metal as its name suggests. many opportunities for trimmings, made in Germany, looks solid. Still, it is better to have straight jack as the elbows can not rotate 360 ​​degrees. UTILIZATION no manual in Frenc…