Palmer Guitars user reviews

  • Palmer Pocket Amp mk2

    Palmer Pocket Amp mk2 - "Three Amps with Clean, Crunch & Heavy + 3 Mic Settings"


    SOUND: It may be small, but Palmer’s Pocket Amp MK 2 produces some very decent tones, as demonstrated in the YouTube demo below: With dynamics of a tube amp (although it may not be 1…

  • Palmer Automat

    Palmer Automat - "AUTOMAT autowah + distortion produces diverse array of sounds" has images


    SOUND: If you like autowah pedals, you’re going to like the Automat… it also has Distortion! Palmer’s Automat produces sounds that can be very subtle and snappy, and as clean as you want them, or very heavy and almost growling. The YouTube video b…

  • Palmer PGA 04

    Palmer PGA 04 - "Good to have in your tool box..."


    The Palmer PDI-04 also known as ADIG-LB (Analog Direct injection guitar-load box), is an analog speaker simulator/8 ohm load box. On the front you have controls for volume for the speaker simulated outs with it's bass and treble control, as well as a…

Translated user reviews
  • Palmer FAB5

    Palmer FAB5 - " Comprehensive and well thought out."


    Small amp single channel all-tube for the rest see data sheet but noted that it has a power attenuator to the splitter in 5w and 0.5w 2w to enjoy the lights without disturbing the neighbors. UTILIZATION This is a well thought out amp (I refer spe…

  • Palmer CAB 212 GBK

    Palmer CAB 212 GBK - " Excellent Q / P"


    The CAB is a simple but effective 2X12. Jack has 2 outputs allowing play to Mono or Stereo. I bought this cabinet in late 2011, there have never disappointed me, I changed three times since amp and it's still there, not for nothing-) The constr…

  • Palmer Pedalbay 80

    Palmer Pedalbay 80 - " Okay doing some mods if necessary."


    Hi, I replaced my Pedaltrain 2 by 80 pedalbay Palmer to be able to put my wha-wha, my volume pedal and my HF receiver. This is an opportunity to give you a little feedback compared to Palmer. The pros: - Swivel and height-adjustable feet - …

  • Palmer Pedalbay 80

    Palmer Pedalbay 80 - " excellent product cheap"


    My PEDALTRAIN had become too small, I went on a pedalboard of 80 cm the choice was between the Pedaltrain (10 € in high Thotho) and Palmer I chose Palmer and am not disappointed Compared to the PT, the benefits are: - Velcro already stuck on …

  • Palmer Pocket Amp

    Palmer Pocket Amp - " Very bad copy"


    See other reviews and technical details - on paper, it's very good. To summarize in a partisan manner: it is a copy of the famous Tech21 SansAmp GT2, but with more opportunities to output and input, yet much less expensive: it puts a red flag for m…

  • Palmer CAB 112 GOV

    Palmer CAB 112 GOV - " Very well"


    2 years I have. I chose the Governor release, thanks to Palmer website that allows you to listen to different HP you can choose for the enclosure. This HP is hot and ample ... hummmmmmm I do not regret that choice. Small defect in the carpentry …

  • Palmer Compressor

    Palmer Compressor - " Simple, effective and very cheap (like what is possible)"


    It is an analog pedal true bypass, classic jack connectors, power supply 9V battery or Alim classic boss. UTILIZATION The configuration of the pedal is extremely simple: three knobs (sustain, and attack level. This pedal allows for 'compress' t…