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kyrcnos 04/14/2014

Palmer PGA 04 : kyrcnos's user review

«  Okay, seriously, but not essential »

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This is a hardware analog simulator made by a baffle SM57. The technology is based on tungsten lamp.
It is a rack-mount model comprising:
- Knob to adjust the mix between the dry sound coming out of the head and the sound produced by the simulator
- A knob to adjust the voicing of the cabinet: a 2x10 cabinet with 4x12
- A knob to adjust the tone: is the micro placement, distance from the center of the bowl and its distance from the baflle
- A knob to adjust the volume output
- A button to enable or disable the filter 6kHz
- A button preset color
- 5 LED display of power received by the Palmer

- Jack speaker
- THRU, again to exit the cabinet thingy
- 2 mono jack outputs
- A dual mono XLR output
- 2 buttons ground / lift

Simple and complete level connectivity, nothing to say. I wish I could have an impedance of 4, 8 or 16ohms selector. Most micrometers are in 8 ohms but exite versions 4 and 16ohms. For example, if I connect an old Marshall head into 4 ohms (no 8 ohm output), I only have access to 60% of its power, which in itself is sufficient for the studio.

Simple configuration, the manual provides a lot of information at the settings, connections them are trivial. You should know that the two magic buttons are HIGH and LOW: one can select the speaker config (number of HP, bowl) and one microphone placement. It's supposed simulter all that, there are no specific screen, it's just the philosophy of the manufacturer.

This is where the shoe pinches, as the sound may seem nice alone, as it does not replace all taking a baflle with a microphone. Tried with my sound engineer for recording guitar and bass, we had nice try anything, we did not find the depth and grain of a cabinet + microphone jack. Therefore the product for me does not keep its promises in terms of sound and seem more useful than a direct box which loadbox.

I kept two years before selling it. In comparison with a baffle, its contribution in terms of sound is insignificant. The question is whether it is really worth snapping 250 euros or 400 euros secondhand nine direct box which load box. The sound alone is good anyway, it is also significant to see small lights turn on and therefore the power emitted by the head. The material is strong, the connection and settings are complete, the intention is laudable that the notes not too bad ...