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kinder_guano 02/18/2006

Palmer PGA 04 : kinder_guano's user review


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Direct box (DI) at the output of power amp and Loadbox up to 200 watts into 8 ohms only!
It connects to the speaker output of a guitar amp (head, Poweramp, combo if it has a speaker output).

It serves as a DI (signal to a line level / speaker emulation by connecting on a console). He also serves as a load box (or dummy box): it can not use speaker or cabinet!

1 rack unit high, perforated for ventilation hood (it transforms the energy into heat of the amp, like the Marshall Powerbrake).

At the front

- 6 LEDs indicate the input volume (3, 10, 30, 60, 120 and 200 watts).

Full Range Section (dry signal)
- A volume knob for the sound output untreated.
- A switch to high-pass filter (> 6 kHz) for the signal.

Section Filter (signal processed by the DI)

- A volume knob of the processed signal (Filter).
- EQ knobs for bass and treble.
- Switch Lite / Brown (color signal)

At the rear

- A mono input jack 6.35 HP (use an absolute speaker cable!)
- An HP Output (through).
- An output line level XLR and two unbalanced jack line outputs 6.35. Each type has a line out the switch of the mass ejection (to avoid ground loops generating hum).
The beast is bulky compared to other Powersoak / DI / Loadboxes I had (Weber and Marshall Powerbrake Mass). Misery to put on a head, as it is in the format rack.

Sutout and it is mono. Well, that's good, my amp too. But if we play in stereo (especially with a Poweramp) b'en'll have to buy two. Really not cool.

Another very annoying, it only works in 8 ohms. Well, the vast majority of modern amplifiers work with different impedances, with 8 ohms. But it can cause problems for not using this impedance heads. Damage, Mass (optional) and Marshall (in series) worked with various impedances.

It is powered by the electric current sent through the HP output of the amp.

Using ultra quiche, as with an amp head or an effects pedal, turn knob until it sounds. And it's not hard to make it sound!

Please note again, only use speaker cables for input and output on the HP Palmer, or you could make holy damage to your amp head and Palmer!

In short, as DI / Loadbox, b'en I have not found better, and I've tried a lot!

B'en there, I took my snaps. I only use it for recording at the moment, not tested on PA.

I have tried other alternatives for a clean guitar sound with computer music, passing by both DI (Amp or Preamp Behringer GI100 DI lamps Ultra-G, Red Box HK, Weber Mass, only HP emulation of a Pod Xt Live), relying only on modeling (Behringer VAMP2 and Pod Xt Live).

In short, computer music, now that I no longer use my PGA connected directly behind my Engl Powerball.

I have rarely managed to get a computer music his drinking ... only with the Palmer + Engl ... and before that, with my little VAMP2 alone

Used with the direct sound and the sound filtered. Frankly, the only direct sound is not great: too much treble. We suspected. Otherwise, they would not put a DI ...

With its mix of filtered or direct sound (low%) and filtered sound (very large%), I am flabbergasted!

I've never had a sound as good (even with my awful VAMP2). None of the DI I had been so effective, none have agreed to my little ears. I never managed to get out of anything convincing the Pod Xt Live.

And then, bam, happiness!

Well, it takes a little work the EQ (very effective, usually I put the bass and treble on 4 / 10 max!).

The switch Lite / Brown gives two different coloration to the sound filtered:
- The Lite brings the color of a cabinet open. A grain not really exceptional (but I have not yet fully exploited the beast, far from it!).

- The Brown'm having really, it has a grain closer to a closed 4x12 Celestion Vintage 30. In short, I use and abuse of the sound at the Palmer Brown

Come on, hop a chtit sample ( of Palmer saturax (vii, always the same)
In short, as DI / Loadbox, b'en I have not found better, and I've tried a lot!

B'en now, after much research, buy / sell and other garbage flipflaps DI, modeling of widgets, I finally found the gem in my ears! I am completely satisfied for the moment (as long as it lasts)!

I have been tempted by the Koch LB120 II, but I found much more easily Palmer (in any shop Germanic) that Koch. And given the samples of 05 PGA posted here (which is not loadbox, but stereo) (Bravo Kida and others), I tried the PGA 04. And I was right!

Defects? It is mono, and most importantly, it is quite expensive.

But as it sounds good (personal opinion that is only my opinion).

WARNING: PGA04 is a dummy box / DI, but by no means an attenuator / powersoak!