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ethereal 01/18/2010

Palmer PGA 04 : ethereal's user review


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Technological level, there is a tungsten lamp in it, I do not quite understand what it is, but obviously it's a component that is called to be changed from time to time, especially if you use this device to dissipate large power (above 100 W in particular). The rest is based transistor, which is important, as we shall see below.

This is a rack of course, I refer to post kinder_guano to describe the connectors.

If a machine is still very full, at least for my usage.

The general setup is super simple, it should delve a bit in the manual to understand what are the different knobs. The manual is quite clear, but it is English or German.

Use of pga04 proves a breeze.

kinder_guano seemed to find that Palmer's injury only works in 8 ohms.
I watched a little, and it seems to me that this is not important as long as the resistance encountered by the amplifier output exceeds its minimum acceptable value.
In this case, most amps are 8 ohms or 4 ohms, 16 ohms very rarely, although it apparently was the case for some amps. The Palmer is therefore almost any amp, except in very rare exception.

Afterwards, he admitted that connect the air for example an amplifier into 4 ohms to 8 ohms impedance external sound and will change the total power. Lowering the impedance encountered at the output, we increase the power of the amp (so that when there is no impedance, you get a theoretically infinite power --- as well say that your amp Crame.) So in this case, the reverse is true, this will reduce the power output data.

Therefore a priori not to play for compatibility with amp requiring output impedance of 8 ohms or 4.

Obviously I'm not electronics, so correct me if I'm wrong <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" />

I refer readers to post kinder_guano which pretty much describes what I think the sound quality of pga04!

However, I want to make a small clarification Me: When you play beyond a certain power, the transistors inside the bug can come into resonance, and therefore you will hear a case out of Palmer sizzling corresponding to what you play. This has no effect on the sound that you get the output recording, but it is curious at first.

The explanation comes from customer service to Palmer. So do not expect total silence on this machine, but hey .... It makes about as much of a ruckus fridge discreet, and only when you play :-)

I use it for only a few days.

Very satisfied, and honestly, I think acquiring a second to work with any future Poweramp stereo, or else to connect two amps in recording.
Customer service is super nice and very responsive, even by mail! I really recommend this brand, good quality material, durable, guaranteed for 5 years (!), What more?

Many people on the Internet seem to find it expensive, but personally I think it is very much its price!

I do it again so that choice without any hesitation.