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TheJeff666 10/15/2013

Palmer Pocket Amp : TheJeff666's user review

«  effective and cheap, good product »

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Value For Money : Excellent
No need to go over the features.
Attention, there's not a pedal drive or DI, but actually is a minimalist analog preamp with a symmetrical XLR output. do not forget the relatively low price, headphone jack and with the average level of output, the symmetrical XLR output is excellent, this is how I use it.


Extremely simple configuration. easy edition of sounds, equalization is effective but does not allow you to color the sound too much. no need to book.
Overall it must still that three preset preamp you like the base (U.S., Brit or Tweed), and 3 modes (clean, crunch, distortion), little ability to sculpt the sound.
The emulated ogutput is the same as that of PDI09 (which I own), so better than my AMT SS11B and worse than my Pedaltone Koch.
Warning this is a preamp. So, even as the AMT and the Koch SS11B Pedaltone, once connected, it is active, so the switch (with red LED) only allows to engage the drive ...


The one enters a subjective judgment ... and also in a matter of practice ...
Use for me in a home studio, the symmetrical XLR output in my sound card, good output level, no breath.
It was for me to find a stereo configuration independent preamp not too expensive to exploit some of my stereo effects with my guitars (Boss Dimension C, eventide space, zoom and other MS 100BT). So use exclusively in its clear and I have two amp pocket ...
The result is quite up to my expectations for this purpose, the clean sounds are quite successful, respond well to the attack, much more convincing to me than any numerical simulation or software. The fact of having two and work in stereo allows me to grow and spatialized sound like I want. The us has a right, a left tweed, or different EQing right and left ... It accepts pedals very well that I mentioned above, and also my pedals low drive (808 expandora, big muff, rat, TRex alberta ...), this is just to spend a little time to fully adjust levels.
To drive and crunch sounds and saturated the beast part, I am more measured, it is through my ears (hard to fight with the AMT and Koch), but I did not take to it.


Very good product, very well designed and cheap, excellent value for money. Used regularly for nearly two years. To try it even if you can whether proposed by the preamp grains you like and fit your use. Priviligier use with a balanced output.
I also possesses a SS11B AMT, a Koch Pedaltone and Palmer Eins.
What I like the most, the ability to have a good stereo preamp configuration for less than 150 € ... and I have two ...
PS: I wrote this review for the previous opinion perspective. It takes time to tame and understand the machine (especially management levels and symmetrical output). I was also disappointed at first, but now I could not do without.