Palmer Solid Metal
Palmer Solid Metal

Solid Metal, Distortion from Palmer in the Root Effect series.

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Countdown 03/10/2013

Palmer Solid Metal : Countdown's user review


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Distortion pedal "Made in Germany".
Quality construction, durability and weight (not far from 1kg) trust. It is all metal, rather aesthetically beautiful.

It is equipped with 6 knobs: gain, volume and 4-band EQ if you can tell because there is the possibility to refine the band medium via the knob mid Freq.

The ON / OFF switch is robust, slightly noisy when switching as a MXR. I said that for those interested ... this is not a complaint!

Mains "classic" 9V, center negative, or 9V battery (6LR61).

Dimensions (LxDxh) = 120x140x40


Fairly easy to use, it will still take time to find the setting that one seeks.
Additional settings to tweak the sound are welcome but do not rush because most knobs are very reactive (notably the Mid Freq and gain ... that's what I felt, eh!)


So, about me, my opinion would be a little different from the previous.

I found this pedal more versatile than its name suggests.
In this regard, I have preferred to "OD" if we can say that "huge distortion!"
If the gain does not exceed 10/11h with an adequate volume, we are faced with a big overdrive style ACDC, Foo Fighters, etc ... as long as the EQ is set accordingly.

Beyond 2h gain, I found the sound very compressed (too compressed for me, but everyone's tastes). Even with EMG active. Moreover, with the same gain, I did not like all my rhythm and my riffs with the distos of my amps. I preferred in this case to use in solid on a large rhythm of a second scratch ...

Many configs settings are possible. The pedal responds well, and is music in most cases (excluding extreme settings, of course)


I kept it about 3 weeks, by trying regularly (house and rehearsals), Carvin V3, Blackstar HT20, Egnater and Marshall JMP1 Tweaker40 in clean ... of course!
I bought it just to experiment with friends on different amps.

About me, I found it useless on the V3 and JMP1.
It can provide a third channel on the HT20 and Egnater, more rhythmic solo for me, but for those who love the distos compressed, it can really bring an extra channel in rhythm.

The value for money is pretty good I think. I find it much better than the Metal Muff, even if the latter is provided a boost! I cite this example because pedal I've owned and it is in the same price range.

Nevertheless, I recommend trying it because it is very accurate in the attack (with lots of bass or dug).
That said, when you have a very good amp to play with and gain Therefore, I do not think it is necessary.

I gave this advice to share with you my feelings, and not to "break" the pedal! It did not match our expectations, that's all!

Zique good at all