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Thread Comments about the feature article: The Top 10 Effects Pedal Targets

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1 Comments about the feature article: The Top 10 Effects Pedal Targets
A lot of guitar multieffects have a footpedal that can be assigned to various parameters. Volume and wa are no-brainer pedal assignments, but there are a whole lot of other parameters that are well-suited to pedal control. Doing so can add real-time expressiveness to your playing, and variety to your sound.

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I have an earlier model of this Effects pedal. Some pretty cool sounding effects. I got it for free from a guy who couldn't figure out how to use it. He is an electrical engineer not a stoner drop out.

I gave it away for free because i really didn't need all 100s of possible variatioins and i mainly because I found it very difficult to use in a live setting.
I am getting it back from the guy i gave it to, he can't figure out how to use it either.

We all used the manual, we all gave up.

this manufuacturer, like many other manufacturers making complex products, needs to road test their products with normal guys on the street, not with their own engineers and experts in the field. And make the user interface more intuitive and easy.

Before buying this: Try picking 10 favorite sounds and then selecting them quickly in a live setting. The reason most guitarists i know avoid these things and go with a bunch of discrete pedals daisy chained is because it would take longer to find your favorite sound and select it than your band would be willing to wait.

Cliff Keller