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Guitar enhancers user reviews

  • Keyztone EXchanger

    Keyztone EXchanger - "Make any guitar more versatile with pickup/tone variations" has images


    SOUND: The EXchanger has one primary focus: Due to a pickup’s behavior you are able to dial into an ideal or different sound better. To make this obvious, the sound coming from a single-coil pic…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - "Not a toy"


    OK, some people don't understand these things...They play with a lot more parameters than just EQ...Phase relationships and harmonics also play a huge role... Anyway, it's a dead simple pedal with 1/4 in and out and an on and off switch.... The…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - "Like the difference between mastered and unmastered."


    This is an extremely straightforward and easy to use processor that can do wonders for your sound. I've had a hard time really getting this across through words, but playing one of these does all the talking that you would need. As far as the act…

  • Boss EH-2 Enhancer

    Boss EH-2 Enhancer - "Dynamic enhance"


    This pedal would be the conductor to the later and current boss pedal the Boss Dyna Drive. This pedal essentially does the exact same thing as a the Boss Dyna Drive, but with a few more features. This pedal work on the dynamics of your playing as wel…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - "BBE Sonic Stomp Pedal"


    This is the Sonic Stomp SS Sonic Maximizer pedal put out by BBE Sound. Basically the Sonic Maximizer effect does one thing and that one thing is it makes your amp go boom. This pedal has 2 knobs. From left to right they are Lo Contour and Proces…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - songboy's review


    This is simply a EQing tool.  There are no other effects No this cannot be edited through a computer.  It is strictly analog audio. It is not rackable in the traditional sense.  You can purchase shelves that allow you to rackmount guitar pedals. This…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - moosers's review


    The BBE Sonic Stomp is a simple sonic maximizer, or exciter pedal that can be used with any electronic instrument.  The pedal has a standard 1/4 inch input and output and can be powered by either a nine volt battery or nine volt power supply.  The pe…

  • Boss EH-2 Enhancer

    Boss EH-2 Enhancer - moosers's review


    The Boss EH-2 is a foot pedal designed for electric guitar to 'enhance' your tone.  It gives you a brighter tone and cuts through a mix or a room quite well.  The pedal has a 1/4 inch input and output and like all Boss pedals can be powered by either…

  • BBE Sonic Stomp

    BBE Sonic Stomp - rarson's review


    The BBE Sonic Stomp is a "sonic maximizer." I would guess that the circuitry inside this is probably similar to other BBE rack mount sonic maximizers. I might add that I used to own a very expensive Alpine car stereo head unit that includ…

  • Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter

    Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter - "Aphex 1403"


    I purchased the unit from my guitar tech for $150 He recomended it to me and said that if I didn't like he would take it back, he can't have it back! When I first pluged it in I thought it was very simple to use, set everything to twelve o'clock …