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Yamaha Guitar multi-effects user reviews

  • Yamaha Magicstomp

    Yamaha Magicstomp - "Yamaha Magicstomp"


    Purchased through Musicians Friend for less than $180, I was looking for a pedal that was a good value, and had previously owned a DG Stomp. The Magicstomp is very easy to use, with plenty of useable patches right out of the box. There are 99 User…

  • Yamaha DG Stomp

    Yamaha DG Stomp - "Yamaha DG Stomp"


    I was looking for something to replace my Digitech RP-7. The RP-7 is OK but it's harder to program. I also fell for the fact that it has a tube in it, thinking that would help get a tube distortion. Sorry, but it really doesn't help much. Great so…

  • Yamaha AG Stomp

    Yamaha AG Stomp - "Yamaha AG Stomp Box"


    399.99 via Musicians Friend, and purchased the pedal separately. Built like a rock. Easy to read. Limitless possibilities with EQ range and mic simulations. Each simulator effects the sound noticeably, and you can in turn tweek the sounds to your …

  • Yamaha DG Stomp

    Yamaha DG Stomp - "Yamaha DG-Stomp"


    Mars Music, $299. I was looking for a good travel amp. To me, one of the best things about the DG-Stomp is the flexibility of this unit. IMHO, this little unit the best backup system yet... Here's why: - You can use it standalone as a preamp (whic…

  • Yamaha DG Stomp

    Yamaha DG Stomp - "Yamaha DG Stomp"


    Purchased from Ebay used for $225. Bought to provide recording & stage processing for guitar. I've tried a whole string of preamp and guitar efx processors over the past year. New units from Line6, Korg, Zoom, Digitech, and the Yamaha DG Stomp cam…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha AG Stomp

    Yamaha AG Stomp - "Good stuff"


    Modeling preamp mic, 4-band parametric EQ (adjustable center frequency but not bandwidth) limit, OR chorus delay, reverb "simplified" (hall, room or flat with level control), feedback-killer manual or automatic and tuner. MIDI in and out, outputs …

  • Yamaha DG Stomp

    Yamaha DG Stomp - "serious device sounds interesting as needed"


    Everything has been said already. UTILIZATION Instructions: French incomprehensible places, gross errors, but with a little experience, is corrected. Reading is nevertheless essential unless you want to try the machine quickly without headache (but…

  • Yamaha Magicstomp Acoustic

    Yamaha Magicstomp Acoustic - " A multi effect Acoustic actually ..."


    Multi effect pedal guitar big screen, all-digital, powered by standard 9v memory (I write in 2014 to review a tool that I used in 2004, 2005, so be indulgent!) It is edited by mac and pc, which eventually can turn it into electrical MAGICSTOMP or …

  • Yamaha AG Stomp

    Yamaha AG Stomp - " very good!"


    doc can be downloaded, and all was said. UTILIZATION yes, it is very simple to use, no not enter sub-menus, confused, fast clear effective. the manual is really easy and detailed. SOUND QUALITY those who have the breath or a bad model, a lo…

  • Yamaha DG Stomp

    Yamaha DG Stomp - " Treat a good solid"


    Effects have already said before summers, metal case, and I have not seen marked ... At least I put it! : D UTILIZATION Ben is not 100% Plug & Play, one may need tweaking before to get a good sound ... But that do well! With the instruction manua…