Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche
Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche

Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche, Guitar neck from Fender.

MGR/Joe 02/03/2003

Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche : MGR/Joe's user review

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After trying this a few times in the local guitar shop, I went for it. It was £250 - about $375.

It's fantastically well built, solid as a rock and sounds wonderful when distorted - whether that's with the full Marshall grunt, or a trebly rhythm sound. It's tremendously easy to play too.

Clean sounds aren't it's forte, unless you're going for that back pickup rockabily twang, in which case it's brilliant. Also, putting the selector in the middle position delivers some beautiful blues tones. It's mainly in the strummety-strum area that the front pickup sounds, well, strumety-strum. The best thing to do, then, is avoid strummety-strumming it.

Perfect. First class construction, a beautifully smooth, comfortable neck, solid pots and pickups - it couldn't be better. Since the day I got it I've found it incredibly reliable.

This is no gorgeous vintage model, nor is it a high-tech plank-spanker's dream. But for the money, it's incredibly good value - and an incredibly good guitar. Sure, you can't do anything and everything with it, but nobody's invented that guitar yet. If you want to play Zeppelin in your bedroom, or you want to crank out the blues in your local boozer, this is the chap for you.

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