Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche
Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche

Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche, Guitar neck from Fender.

MGR/Eduardo Gatti 08/01/2004

Fender Telecaster & Stratocaster Neck / Manche : MGR/Eduardo Gatti's user review

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I was looking for an american standard tele and I tried a couple of them but was not satisfied, so just out of curiosity I asked the dealer to hand me a mexican one hanging on the shop.That guitar was nearly perfect so I buyed it for about U$ 500, nearly half the price of an american at Fender,Santiago-Chile.

As I said before the guitar was perfect except for the pick-ups so I changed them for a couple of Vintage Tele.
This is a very refined guitar and you can see it in it's finish and construction as a whole.It reminds me of those vintage telecasters 'cause it has those vintage frets and allows a comfortable low action.
It makes me remember that Fender workers in the fifties were nearly all mexicans and I feel great respect for them.

Well as I said before, the pick-ups are no good and I changed them.
The mate finish on the neck looks rather cheap so I polished it to a more shiny look.

Construction is impecable.Perfect alignment,
nice fret job and you can set it up to your taste with very little work.

Congratulations to Fender Mexico 'cause they're doing a very dedicated work.

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