Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty
Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty

Two Fifty Two Black Beauty, Guitar Power Amplifier from Fryette Amplification.

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All user reviews for the Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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dah_16's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best PA market at present"

Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty
Version 6L6 very good 2502


Very easy to use, plug the preamp, the firm and it rolls.
Volume controls, presence, depth, which really swell the sound fairly impressive.
Switch to switch to 25W front, and a voice that adds (again) over his body.


I play rock, funk, metal (to death melodic neo)
Used with a JMP1 and a peavey RockMaster, deemed dry enough, the VHT and turns it completely erase the default seems to accentuate this preamp for all grades.
The black beauty meets the grain of the preamp, and adds its own touch: a headroom of madness, an impressive scale, unmatched dynamics (seriously even in high-end headers, normally more "direct", I have not found it )


I for one year.
I tested before Carvin, the mesa Two Fifty, a recent engl 50W.
Nothing that comes close to the black beauty, we're really in another category.
Sharper, edged, rough or "large" in the 2502 EL34 in my opinion.

u-nico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Or almost perfect"

Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty
It is a tube power amp (no jokes). It is stereo with two completely independent channels.
The lamps are 8 in number 4 for the power section. On each channel there are
- 1 12AX7AC: input stage / phase inverter
- 1 12AU7AC: Voltage amp / driver training
- 2 6L6: power amp

It is rather heavy and takes up space in the rack:
Dimensions: 42.5cm X 32.5cm X 9.4cm size 19 '2UI
Weight: 15 kg
Frankly, the weight is painful when you have to lug the gear for concerts. Especially since he is not alone in the rack, and so we reached quite easily 45-50 kg on arrival.

Ultra simple connectivity:
On each channel we have:
SPEAKER OUTPUTS - 2 outputs per channel to HP
IMPEDANCE SELECTOR - 4, 8, or 16 Ohm. It must cover all needs.
INPUT - an input from channel
No surprise, but all needs are covered. If your input string is mono, you can get in and mono out in stereo on both channels. If your cab has only one entry, you can go out on a single output with the power of both channels.

The power output is 2 x 50 W class A and 2 x 65 W class A / B. That is enough for any use, including whether we play hard which is my case. In fact it sounds like a 100W head (I compared with my powerball).

Level settings, it is both complete. It was, again, for each channel:
- Volume - Volume control potentiometer with a truly progressive race.
- LEVEL - button push-pull volume reduction (=-10dB Out, In = 0dB) to mitigate the sound when playing at home with neighbors more or less understanding.
- PRESENCE - potentiometer which acts on the high frequencies.
- VOICING - Button Push-Pull high-frequency extension and mid-bass.
- DEPTH - potentiometer which acts on the lower frequencies.
- CLASS A / AB - switch selection class A or A / B.

The construction is well thought out. It has direct access to all fuses (it's cool in case of failure) and it features a fan to prevent overheating in the rack.

In summary, I see what you can not ask for a power amp. Only downside: the weight, but also a guarantee of quality.


Configuration is very simple, huge sound immediately, and the manual unnecessary and virtually non-existent.
All settings are effective and progressive and can adapt to the channel that puts him as a starter.
on the other hand, the switch is-10dB, for me, pretty useless. Once activated, the dynamic is quite crushed and lose clarity and precision without really afford to do more work output stage (more than one quarter in an apartment if it is the police for sure) .


This Poweramp suitable for all styles of music. It sublime sound of the preamp and has a remarkable dynamic in all frequency ranges.
In short, the perfect sound.
My current configuration:
MESA correct recording preamp -> TC G-MAJOR E -> VHT 2502 -> OUR 4X12 V30
and dislocated it hard for all styles.


I use it for 3 years now and it has never disappointed me. By buying used it for 800 € worth.

mijac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty
It says prcdemment
Nicoblasted, I will not leave you alone comment on this BB!


Simply amplifiers


I play a lot of styles: metal, rock, blues, walks ...
My prophesy is coupled with the black beauty
I couple before the power amp with my Marshall 8100 and a G5
silent sound much better (more lights) since I have the BB is even better
More serious (IDAL for plam mute)
No screaming highs even with my marshall 8412 speaker is saying
I would come almost apprcier


I have since July 08

What I like most:
the switch to lower power
The knobs presence and depth, the class AB / A
The look
Potatoes without too much

What I like least: the fan that makes noise especially when playing low volume home
I see this amp in many studios, is that it should not be bad, I found trs good, but I have not tried other equivalents
Le Mouk03/05/2008

Le Mouk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty
This is actually a version limit of VHT 2/50/2 Poweramp, but with the place of EL34 6L6. This Poweramp Has Designed for exclusivity in AudioTubeTech / Lyon, also a srigraphie back indicates.
The power is in 2x50W 2x62W Class A and Class AB.
There are between one (mono) channel. The road between the cA signal on both channels (although cool when using a mono preamp - which is not my case).
There are two speaker outputs with slecteur dimpdance (4, 8 or 16 ohms) per channel.

Each channel has three potentiomtres (volume, presence and depth), two switches (voicing and level), a standby switch and a Class A / Class AB.
The voicing adds shine by boosting the treble and high mids. The level lowers the volume a few db (I do not know exactly how much approx. 10-12db, I think) and then to attack a little more power tubes, trs useful ...

I hope there is also a distributor of prservatifs free, so I put a 10.


Setup is simple, it's a Poweramp! It enhances the preamp, so as long as it is of quality is easily obtained a good sound!
The manual is adequate, but less than clear and complete explanations of Gillou.


It should be any style of music.
I use it personally with an Engl preamp 570SE, in stereo, with an Engl 4x12 cabinet with V30 and a Marshall 1960A 4x12. The Engl is a monster of versatility, marriage Engl, VHT is truly amazing, the sound is ultra-pro.
I play mostly with an LTD EC-1000-60 EMG81 or Washburn Idol WI68 with USD in Custom Seymour Duncan Custom Custom and '59.

The three DIFFERENT potentiomtres and switches (and voicing class A / AB) more than enough to make me sound good complmentaires two for each speaker. In stereo, it's really the killer!
In voicing and disable the class A, by increasing the depth and reducing the presence, I even love my recommenced 1960A is saying!


I bought there just under six months.
J'hsitais much between the three Poweramp of VHT. The two-ninety is too powerful for my needs, so limine. I followed the advice of Gillou who told me that the Black Beauty silent most versatile of the three, and the best compromise between the potato and the KT88 "singing" of EL34. I do not regret my choice, even if I always had a priori preferences for the EL34 6L6.
As Poweramp, I tried the Marshall 9200 and Mesa 2:50. However, I have not tried this with my Poweramp Engl570, so I can hardly judge objectively the BB from its competitors ...
I do it again this choice. It is not given but it is an investment in the long term.
May be I will take a more in 2/50/2 EL34 when I grow up!
Thank you for Gillou AudioTubeTech and Olivier de LeadMusic / Genve for their advice and their kindness.
I know that perfection does not exist, but note 10, yes! And since I did not blame the Poweramp, and I do not see what we can expect more of a power amp ... 10! With "excellent" ...

zefotograf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two Black Beauty
Power amp all lamps mounted 6l6


Hyper basic config, it's plug 'n' play


The I am amazed I have not received the preamp custom, and live in the tc gforce then VHT, ben ca really is sending his superb clean.


2 days