Marshall EL84 20/20
Marshall EL84 20/20

EL84 20/20, Guitar Power Amplifier from Marshall.

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All user reviews for the Marshall EL84 20/20

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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audiotrip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good Marshall"

Marshall EL84 20/20
2x20W lamps
Fan in front
1xECC82 2xECC83 and pre-amplification
4xEL84 in power stage
2 entries Jack 6.35
Jack 6.35 6 outputs (2 line out, 2 outputs 8ohms, 16ohms 2 outputs)
Remote control socket for the Deep function.
Facade are:
/ off switch, Stand By switch, presence control, volume control (common to both channels) and a switch to activate the Deep function.
Deep function boosts the bass and the amp muscle severely, once to get angry with neighboring ...


Configuration is very simple, I did not have the manual when buying and I do not have needed.
The fan makes a little noise in standby but does not include at all in the game
The sound is falling, it is crystalline and renders very well the different guitars and nuances of the game, never draft.


This amp is built for the stage, the power is there!
I bought it to pair with a cab4x12 mounted V30 and it's just perfect.
Used to amplify a Line 6 Pod Pro is much too powerful for my home studio but the sound of the lamps is just a treat. They provide the warmth that is often lacking modelers with a reserve of demonic power.
Funk in pots on a strat clean sound or a LP with a large distortion, everything goes and he makes us good. It never drool, precise, incisive, it's almost like the monitor sometimes.


Used almost every day for 8 years, this amp fills me every time.
It was my first tube amp purchase after trying various Peavey Classic 30, Fender Deluxe and Marshall JCM800.
It is a reliable, robust and high performance product. In addition, the sound quality is really good and this amp aged very well.
In time, the price quality ratio is unbeatable and I do it again this choice without hesitation.
If mine were to give up the ghost, I will replace the same.

aliascross's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall EL84 20/20
Stereo amplifier tube:
1 unit rack, 19 "

preamp: 2 * ECC83 (12AX7) + 1 * ECC81 (12AT7)
power stage: 4 * EL84

power: 2 * 20W tube
connectors: 2 jack inputs, 3 outputs / channel (line out, 8homes exit, exit 16homes)

1 volume and a presence control for 2 channels.
Deep function (bass boost, super effective!)

Weight: 5.9 kg (with my bathroom scales ... ha ... this one, it will be brought amps!, 0))

What idea of ​​the volume and the presence of two common channel !!!!! NO, BUT WRONG CA??
Good, 8 / 10 anyway for its convenience and function deep ...


Not much to configure ...
corrections are effective (volume, presence, deep)
the manual is sufficient and clear.

on the other hand, 1 volume and a presence control for two channels, it's not terrible, because this type of setting, forcing us to be connected to each at least 2 HP, or use a load resistor to set the output of the channel that has no HP.
Indeed, the failure to connect the load and apply the volume output, will eventually damage the output in question, knowing that there is no fuse on the output, unlike for example VHT .

power is quite sufficient to play on stage, knowing that we have to dub over the sound system.


The sound is good, the deep is really effective.

A good choice compared to its direct competitors: the Mesa 20/20, which is still more convenient (1 volume / presence per channel), but that does not function ... and deep sound is missing, in my taste, cruel precision compared to Marshall.


It is good product, not too expensive compared to equivalent products (Mesa EL84 20/20)
its a good lamp, and 5.9 kg in 1U!
Whether there would be a volume and presence for each one-way, here is a great product in this range.
But what a failure! Forcing to load the two outputs, even if we want to use one!
Go 8 / 10 anyway for the good quality / price ratio and good sound quality for this range, 0)

intotas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall EL84 20/20
Everything good bf t said regarding CHARACTERISTICS, it's two times 20 watts lamps (EL84) so ​​unlike what STEREO t say below. The DEEP boosts bass but I've never served, I think that has perverted the sound is too straight forward, the big bass donf it is in the beginning but soon tired ... and then all depends on the preamp to him glue. Having said that fans of extreme metal's very heavy will love. Besides no superflux, it is small light and it is one of the few in its class are 10.


Using super simple, no need to book.


For sound, well it depends on the rest. Not with the top of Pedaltone Koch, with no top and super ADA MP2 with Soldano SP77, with a CAE 3 + is the fact too. Presence can play on agressivit sound, soft or bright with all the intermediates. Branch in my little cabinet in 1922 the result is obviously much worse than a good cabinet, it may well be the speaker which is also the least because in all those I have tried the sound was gnial. I play as often as possible with the baffle trace elliot speed twin in my 4 * 12 but obviously it's much bulkier apartment in '... o of 1922. Compar 50:50 a mesa of a friend, well not much diffrence in terms of volume and I prefer the texture of my 8:20 p.m., warm and singing.
For those who fear a lack of power to play in groups have no fear and do not believe a word of those who say otherwise, I'm never in RPET after all 'and yet plays a very strong! For large scenes in any case it is taken up by micro so if you want a compression generates ptite by lamps shoots this amp is IDAL.


Well to be honest, unbeatable price over quality, lightweight, 1 unit with sound, what more? Right now I'm experiencing a doubt, it is fashionable to associate the high-end high-end and I wonder if I should change in favor of a VHT ... I'm afraid to lose out at his ... Afraid to find his stiff, unplayable because many associate and dynamic stiffness. So follow, I compare. This kind of power amp is like my SP77, even when you have a CAE 3 + when you keep it even, just to be able to return ...
There are probably better power amp (I hope not because the other donns) but the price and that power and there is much that boogie (a little more expensive though: o)) ... after hearing the 50/50 supposed to be more upscale and better quality I think Marshall is the power amp 2 * 20 w to be taken into Whereas for your rack. Now if you are pets of tunes and you do not swear that the argument of the power marketing (such as beginners, for example) you could buy a 2 * 100 but would be a shame not to have left his luck .

elric66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall EL84 20/20
As lamps
20 watts x 2
2 inputs (line outputs, 8 ohms and 16 ohms) x 2
regulation of deep (bass boost) presence and volume common to two channels


One branch, turn the knobs .. and it works!
the sound is direct! Is it good ?..... It is rather we like it or not! But the audio quality l!
The manual is short, clear and not really useful .... ... Maybe ptits for new power amplifiers!


I play ball ... and rock band with songs from Muse, Skunk Anansie, Incubus etc ... ..
A progap v2, a replifex, a lag of 90 custom Rockline, a vigier Original 98 in Duncan, a 1936 Marshall 2x12 cabinet and roll ..
The sound is great (I prefer the EL34 2X100 of the same brand)
The deep quickly becomes essential! Ds rounded bass + amp very dynamic! A severe bomb!
Unlike what some claim (did they really try this amp ???).. play group ais!
My drummer is a hysterical patient of a clear and Piccolo (you, the tympanic clear that send you to the cemetery chauqe !!)!!!.. strikes yet on Hyteria MUSE, no worries, I go easy! ! Also CFLI also of Faith No More, or Skunk Anansie !..... And for some who talk about Peavey 50/50 classic ... the configuration Marshall 20w + 50w quad boogie versus Peavy / Rocktron vodoovalve wins by KO! !
No hard feelings!
Ah yes ... I used for 4 years in mono .. 1 input, 1 output without connecting .... anything ... ds the 2nd channel and my ears, I ' did not cram !!!!.. no lamps 4 years !!.... chance! this amp is solid!


I have since bought 99 .... 3200 ... nine balls
Plus: light, sound, dynamic, a solid unit ...!

minimum: Fan a bit noisy (especially in standby)
I had tried before to 50x2 peavey at the time, the 50/50 Boogie (too steep!) and the 2x100 marshall ... The nickel is 20/20 for me! not try the 20/20 boogie at the time because of my budget and del reput + brittle too!
Report quality very good price ... the epoch of 3200 balls Pigalle.
I would do this choice! .. Especially about 600 euros on the beast .. a Pigalle is good!
Remember, the entire sound is important! The amp will be more p-a home with a preamp rather than another! A bad cable or a bad HP can stifle the sound!

lagrelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall EL84 20/20
2x20 watts power amp all lamps (1x ECC82, and 2xECC83 4xEL84), a format unit and trslger (5 pounds soaking wet. Naura level knobs on the head a lot with a single volume knob and one prsence or the bare minimum. larrire A there are two 8 ohm outputs, two 16-ohm and two output lines. Finally a switch foot deep dclechable also to add bass.


Careers News is simple, no need to take the head for hours. Too bad that is not stro Lampl, one would grate indpendamment its two outputs. Nanmoins you can only nUse quune dentre they Resistors meets a load lautre.


Quoiquen some say its the wrong nest not far from l. While Marshall cest sign but there is a certain roundness even if the mediums are always l. The function is a plus as deep again in a serious blow gives boost in the bass, and personally I've never complained about men. Remains the power of 2x20 watts high honnte even if it is true what will be just a little group.


A Larrive this power amp sduit OF USE by its practicality and weight restricted trs making it a companion IDAL to work at home. Unfortunately this amp has a lot of default:
- The nest's not bad but there are a lot better.
- Power too just to work in groups.
- Attention overheating, the fan is ridiculously small and lvacuation dair is hot on the piercing ct jai tle on top to avoid overheating of the lamps! !
- Stereo Amplifier not, we must use both the two outputs, which receive the same signal.
- Finally I find Lampl trs is misplaced: it is sound quality level relgu the mesa boogie 20/20, and level prices for a few dollars more it offers a calm Peavey 50 / 50 more powerful, more reliable and better quality sound dune.