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  • Celestion G12 Neo Creamback

    Celestion G12 Neo Creamback - "A precise sound, with a "thank you" note from my back"


    I ordered 2 Celestion Neo Green back from my favourite UK speaker dealer. This is the 16-ohm version. Here are its main specs: Nominal diameter: 12", 305mm Power rating: 60W Nominal impedance: 8Ω & 16Ω Sensitivity: 97dB Chassis type: Pressed…

  • Celestion G12-65 Rola

    Celestion G12-65 Rola - "My reference speaker!"


    I own a JCM800 cab equipped with g12-65s, and I'm replacing a pair of V30s with two others in a 2x12. This is my personal favorite speaker. It brings a great presence in all circumstabces and acoustic condition, with either one or 3 guitars in the ba…

  • Tayden Retro 55

    Tayden Retro 55 - "Excellent upgrade"


    I've bought this to replace the stock Celestion Rocket 50 on my Laney Cub12. The difference is huge! Much louder, punchier, richier sound. Big headroom improvement (everything else left stock). Allows a better shapping of the sound, through the pedal…

  • Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line

    Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line - "The Photos Are of Various EV Speaker Models" has images


    I do not believe that the 16th photo on Page 1 of Images, and the 8th and 9th Photos on Page 2 of Images portray EVM 12L speakers. Instead, they are the generic, OEM versions of the “Force 12” speaker. The “Force” series of Electro-Voice speakers…

  • Celestion G12T-75

    Celestion G12T-75 - "decent but you can get better for the same price"


    The Celestion G12T-75 sounds smooth and the frequency range that comes through is wide. The speaker emphasizes the lower mid frequencies and lets very high frequencies through. It lacks pronounced upper mids and can lack presence and could potentiall…

  • Celestion G12T-75

    Celestion G12T-75 - nickname009's review


    These are the other half of the vintage 30. Basically, when you buy a cab without caring what speakers you get in'em, if they're not vintage 30s, you'll most likely get these. The G12T-75s have been around for quite some time, probably longer than th…

  • Celestion Vintage 30

    Celestion Vintage 30 - nickname009's review


    My first experience with these speakers was in 2007. Since then they've been in a lot of amps and have become the industry standard speaker for high gain applications. And I can see why! It's a great sounding speaker with a specific midrange characte…

  • Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line

    Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line - nickname009's review


    This is the LEGENDARY and well known EVM 12L speaker. I've had my run through these through different time periods played through different heads and different cabinet wood types and I've got to say these are probably my most favorite speaker. They h…

  • Celestion Classic Lead

    Celestion Classic Lead - "Fairly even sounding"


    The Celestion Classic Lead, also known as the CL80, is one of the famous speakers in the rack world. It’s a standard 12’’ guitar speaker that can handle 80 watts of power, comes in either 8 or 16 ohm configuration, has a round copper voice coil, cer…

  • Celestion G12H Anniversary

    Celestion G12H Anniversary - "A bit dark, but still great"


    The Celestion G12H30 is one of the lesser known Celestion speakers for some reason. It’s a standard 12’’ speaker with a ceramic magnet, comes in either 8 or 16 ohm configuration, can handle up to 30 watts of power, has a ceramic magnet, a round coop…