Celestion Vintage 30
Celestion Vintage 30

Vintage 30, Guitar speaker from Celestion in the Classic series.

brui2fon 10/26/2010

Celestion Vintage 30 : brui2fon's user review


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the one of the most reputs hp at Celestion
unlike SnoN name, it is n APs and is not vintage 30w
its sound is rather typ modern, even if he may agree with sounds oldest amp, and it makes 60w
indulge with this HP is low for its pronounced
la, ca will functionof the amp that you put it and the sound you want to play
I, for example, I have a carvin head, and light ca marries very very good for a modern sound
and the saturation, according to my pedals, I prefer HP differnetw
with an Ibanez TK999 HT, the V30 sound wonderfully, c is modern, there is gain and grain, brawny low ca bites, harmonics come out easily
al Conversely, D HP G12-65, plus vintage and old rock, this pedal does not sound
and with another pedal, Abunai 2, c is the opposite, it's better with G12-65, but the V30 are very correct even with kan

after c c is like everything is a matter of taste