Celestion Vintage 30
Celestion Vintage 30

Vintage 30, Guitar speaker from Celestion in the Classic series.

marcan71 11/21/2014

Celestion Vintage 30 : marcan71's user review

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Impatient to ring my head TubeMeister 36, and to follow such panurge, the almost general opinion, I ordered a vintage 30 hp to power my home 112 bass reflex cabinet. So actually in the clear, okay, with a crunch and distortion against the abomination is there, the slurry spin sound our ears!
J4ai then bought a celesion G12H30 (annivesaire not true), and then everything has changed, the screaming gave way to creamy, and all is well dan sle merilleur worlds.
What upsets me about this story is that 60% of manufacturers are equipped with baffles that shit! They must touch at a low price, otherwise I see no interest!