Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah

DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Dunlop.

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All user reviews for the Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 13 reviews )
 10 reviews77 %
 2 reviews15 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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tonmazz's review"Dunlop Dime Cry Baby from Hell awesome!"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
The Dunlop Dime Crybaby from Hell definately comes loaded with numerous tonal options. The six position selector allows you to control the frequency of the wah effect which is where a basic wah falls short. This also 3 small POTS on the side to control volume/gain, the width of the wah effect and a fine tuner. The icing on the cake is a foot accessible 15 DB boost control. The camo paint scheme is pretty wicked and makes for a nice looking piece.


This thing took your basic wah and literally made it everything you could ever want in a wah pedal, over the top as Dime would have loved. The ability to control the entire sweep of the wah effect is, for me, one of the best features. Nothing worse than going to add a wah effect and having it flatten out at either the top or bottom of the sweep. This lets you adjust your way to the perfect setting to hit the top and bottom perfectly. The six position switch gives you a quick way to change basic wah settings and then use the fine tuners to adjust from there. I find myself dialing in my basic favorite and leaving it be. The kick boost is also a neat feature I use now and then.


No complaints on the sound. This purchase was the result of having had several basic Dunlop wahs and wanting something that went further and this was it for sure. The only other one that has me curious is the EVH wah after seeing Eddie play this live. I might have to give that a try and see if it brings anything else to the table above and beyond this great pedal. It does suck a little bass which is my complaint about most stomp boxes.


Overall the Dime wah fits perfectly into my playing style. I gig with this and from a sound perspective, I have been very satisfied. Definately head and shoulders above your basic Dunlop pedal, both vintage and new. The tonal possibilities with this are pretty endless. While I have a built in wah on my multi-effects, I never use it as it doesn't match what this can do.

My only complaint is that I wish it were a little more road worthy. Battery cover broke off shortly after taking out to play and the rubber feet have fallen off, one of which I still have not found. This is a common issue with Dunlop Wahs and I wish for such a great unit, they would have improved on these aspects.

jkessel's review"A Hotrodded 535Q wah with cool facelift"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
The Dunlop DB01 Signature Dimebag Darrell wah is pretty much a 535Q crybaby with slight modifications. The fine tune controls allow the sweep to go slightly high and slightly lower, that's pretty much it. Has a 6 way rotary switch on the side to control what frequency range you want the wah to work in. Has a Q control that controls how wide the sweep is. Has a boost switch that adds up to 18db of boost. Boost knob which controls how much boost you want. And LED's to let you know if the wah is on or off as well as the boost. Has a cool look to it as well. Camouflage with grip tape on the treadle with CFH (cowboys from hell) printed on it.


Very easy to setup. Simple controls and for more simplistic people it can just be left at default. But for the people who like tweaking the manual is great and explains in detail how each control works and what it does for your tone.


I've been on a wah hunt for few years and this was one of my favorite. Has a very classic crybaby sound but all the tweaking options is what really makes it shine. Take a normal crybaby and it has a great sound, but only 1 great sound and you're stuck with it. This has that same 1 great sound but you get to choose if you want it to be at a higher range, lower range, wider, shorter... as well as adding in a boost to really make the wah scream.


Overall it's a great pedal and even though I ended up selling it and am now with the KH95 Kirk Hammett wah there's no doubt I'll get another DB01 again eventually. 2 wahs that should always be in a lead guitarists arsenal.

Hatsubai's review"One of my favorites"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Dimebag has been a long time user of a wah pedal, and he always had a unique style. After many years, Dunlop decided to release a pedal for him. This is based off of the mods he used to do to his own pedals, and I find that they're very similar to the mods I used to do to my own pedals. It features an extended sweep range knob, a 6 way sweep adjuster, volume boost and LED lights to let you know that the pedal is on/off. It may seem strange, but that LED thing has saved me quite a few times on stage when I couldn't hear stuff too well through my monitors.


The pedal is housed in one crazy tank of a housing. I should mention that I'm generally not a fan of signature gear, and I don't really like the paint job on this. However, that skateboard grip tape on this is pure genius, and I have since done the mod to my actual pedal that I have. The extra features on this might require you to read the manual. It can be confusing for people who have never used wah pedals with this many features before. If you're coming from a 535Q, you'll pretty much be able to figure everything out, but those from the GCB95s might not be acquainted with the extra features.


The wah sounds awesome. It's a very aggressive sounding wah that cuts through the mix like crazy. You can dial it in to be smooth, but it's really meant for aggression and cut. The volume boost on this is cool, but you have to realize that it doesn't really do much with an already compressed amplifier. Instead, it'll add some more compression. The sweep adjustments really allow you to fine tune this thing, and you can get most of those wah sounds you hear in your head with this pedal. While it can get that Dimebag tone, it can do much more than just that sound.


This, along with the 535Q, are the two wah pedals that I recommend people check out if they don't want to shell out the money for the rack wah. These are great sounding pedals with tons of features that sound great and don't break the bank. Be sure to buy used as you can get some killer deals on these from eBay and other guitar forums.

MGR/Deanster's review"Dunlop Crybaby DB-01 Crybaby From Hell Dimebag"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Beginning guitar, experienced bass player. No band. Neo classical metal & own very worst critic (as I was taught to be). on sale for $100! I wanted to expand my sonic arsenal.

This thing is built like a tank! The sound is amazing and the look is beyond cool. Love the variable sweep. I wish I could have given one to each of the guitar players in my last band.

Switching mechanism.

This pedal is gonna outlive me!

You gotta get one. This pedal punks out the regular Dunlop Crybaby and Vox!

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MGR/DarrenJames's review"Dunlop Cry Baby Dimebag Custom Wah"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Bought from: Guitar Center, Burbank IL
Paid: $70.00 green tag sale price, I think.
I bought this because i wanted to try the simplified version of the dime wah sound.
I appreciate the legacy of the fasel inducer. My dimebucker and my dean ml cry out for as much comtinuity in the pantera theme as i can get so next i want the mxr dime distortion. But i will pass on the warhead i think.

It's very playable, VERY crunchy, A very smooth sound. I can play it.
The looks of it are cool, The similarity asthetically to the original cry baby is good.

it is a little loose and it won't stay in one spot if i leave it there, I rather thought it would as it did when i first got it, oh well.

Built like a sherman tank.

I love this effect i wouldn't be able to part with it now. ))

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MGR/Eric S.01/24/2004

MGR/Eric S.'s review"Dunlop Crybaby DB-01 Crybaby From Hell Dimebag"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Needed a much better wah than my crappy Morley. Found the light in the CFH. Around 150$, but it's worth every penny.

The main reason that this wah far surpasses any wah I've played/owned is its adjustability. There are infinate different settings you can use, thus it forms itself to any wah situation. The most common adjustment i use is the 5 position frequency selecter on the right side. It basically adjusts where in the pedal position the frequency will peak. This knob is prety big too, so u can adjust it right with your foot w/o having to stop playing. The other great feature is the onboard boost switch. Also able to be tapped on with your foot, it add an adjustable amount of extra presence to the wah, perfect for some crushing Dime solos! Also, as with most crybabys, its got the adjustments for frequency and even a fine tune knob for high end. An awsome wah, the only one you'll ever need.

Only a few small problems. The Q-control knob, fine tune knob, and boost level knob are all really small and kind of fickle to adjust. But really once you have those where you want them you will only be messing with the 5 way selector. Also, some people may say the price is a little steep, but I truely believe it's well worth it. As I said, you wont need any other wahs EVER.

Oh come on.....its got a camo paint job. How do you THINK the construction is. I think you could throw this sucker off a building into a busy street.....pick it up.....plug it in.......and she'll be right in tune. I've had it for 2 years with no signs of trouble.....and seeing how its a Dunlop I don't expect I ever will.

if you're looking for a wah.....don't settle for anything less. Any sound you could ever want from a wah. A lot of pedals have come and gone through my setup, but the only pedal I've never wanted to or needed to upgrade or replace is my Dime Crybaby.

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MGR/dan the chode07/05/2002

MGR/dan the chode's review"Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Darrell Signature Wah"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
i ordered it by mail from the American Musical Supply magazine for 169.90 (+ s&h)

I love the Q knob that lets you hone in on the sweep that suits you. The fine tune knob gives you even more control; just like the focus on microscopes. The volume control lets you set your noise for the lead volume boost on the side. the best part of all is the range knob. The knob lets you dial up the center sweep that you feel like wailing on. This is my prized posession in my arsenal of effects.

The disadvantages are that the range knob only has a little screw to keep it in place, and, as with all crybabies, the on/off switch is hard to kick on and off.

It has road worthy metal for the housing and "no-slip" skateboarding tape on the pedal. It also has standard 1/4 jacks with input, output, and bypass jacks. From the easy access battery cavity, to the four rubber feet, this is a piece of work!

The unit gives the dimebag sound we love, and you can also model signature wah sounds of your own. From the cool camo paint job to the CFH logo on the pedal. You can play mellow fills and riffs then kick in the volume boost and play souped up leads.

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chouli's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good stuff"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
- Booster volume selectable.
- Control Q to change frequency.
- Tone control to adjust the frequency range.
- 2 output jack for those who want to mix the raw sound of the amp with one modified by the pedal.
- Finish "Camouflage" and non-slip surface.
- Power not supplied: 9V battery or AC adapter MDU ECB003E; access battery door by clipped under the pedal.


Very simple to use, you plug it plays, a wha wha what. on the other hand to find the right frequency, it takes a little searching but nothing too difficult


Very good sound saw the potential of this pedal is very versatile. I use it with EMG 60 and 81 and meets nickel ca.


I use it for over a year and although I do not use it every day it remains ready for use. I tried several before this one Wha and I must say that this pedal is who gave me the most different sounds.
I would do without hesitation this purchase

Nikowwww's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" On top!"

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
So we signed a dimebag wah (yet another sign of regret).
So above we have:
-Switchable Boost (0-17 dB)
Q-control variable
Rotary-to six selections of operating frequency
In short it is like a 535Q with the camo design and the boost and more!


Config level, there are many simple knob for Wah! This in itself is rather nice because it offers us tremendous opportunities his perspective.
The manual is pretty clear and simple and explains what it takes no more no less.
Regarding the publishing of his bah must tamper. But it's still quite intuitive and not too complicated.


Then its level in view of setting possible, we have access to a range of its enormous that no other wah can not provide (at least the one I tested) without having to go in the synthetic.

I use a LTD MH-1000 NT mount EMG 60 and 81, it sounded the thunder, it was clean and it does not drool.
I also use a Dean Razorback and Soltero, the Dean was perfect, the sound was there and it does not drool, on the other hand on soltero it was just a little rough.
Here I use a Jackson RR3M's like it's predecessor, the sound is on top!

I love everything about this wah without hate!


I use it for almost 2 years now, I try to model some cry baby etc. ... but being a fan of Dimebag my choice is focused on it. And I was right!

What I love about this wah is the possibility of his, the boost and the way skateboard grip (frankly trick against the plastic of other wah at least it does not move our foot / slip)
What I like least? Nothing

The price / quality ratio is good, but we know we easily pay 30-40 € signing so good ...

And I would do if this choice rather than two times!

ekerisann's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Wah pedal Dimebag Darell signed camouflage color (with Classic Fasel in) MultiRange with selection of high end, volume, fine-tune the frequency, a boost, very full on!
Input / output like all wah ...


A wah heavy enough that it has seen in the stomach (and not bad at least she not move a pedal-board)
The knobs are placed in an intuitive way but there are quite a few and suddenly you lose time to fix everything, it's great but hey we are far from plug and play so be patient and above all have a cherhcer particular sounds ...
The manual explains the role of knobs and remains effective ...

(7 because even if ultimately we are delighted ca can put off all these possibilities and we feel the frustration of not able to switch to another sound of things)


At the sound is great ona access to almost all the sounds of wah sounds without synthetic ca is really the most complete wah, we love her a low or high!
No complaints, it is rather directed against a big sound but the sound palette Vox worth it!


I have a friend who owns and so I had plenty of opportunities to abuse ...
I love the fact that it is less versatile but his side just to pay multi-purpose ...
I tried the original and 535Q Wah (which is the same pedal but not the look) ...
The price / quality ratio is rather bad because add 70 euros more than the 535Q for a look that is truly abused but good when you're a fan huh ... Finally, for me it is useless to have it out in the end!
A choice I would take the 535Q which is exactly the same but cheaper because in both cases was the choice of (the idea of ​​having my wah sound interests me, some prefer to stay classic and not having to break the trunk) and a good quality to go!