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    04/07/16 in AKG K872

    AKG presents the K872 headphone, a new model which claims to bring unprecedented accuracy for studio production and live sound engineering.

  • Christmas comes early at JST

    Christmas comes early at JST

    11/10/15 in JST

    Joey Sturgis Tones organizes a special Christmas giveaway.

  • AKG unveiled its K812 professional headphones
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    AKG unveiled its K812 professional headphones

    10/14/13 in AKG K812

    AKG will soon launch the new K812 high-end headphones designed for studio professionals.

  • New AKG K712 Pro studio headphones

    New AKG K712 Pro studio headphones

    04/26/13 in AKG K712 Pro

    AKG adds to its headphone line the K712 Pro studio model, which was introduced at Musikmesse this month.

  • Comparison: 5 Headphones Between $350-$500
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    Comparison: 5 Headphones Between $350-$500

    08/07/12 in AKG K 702

    3 men, 5 studio headphones, 6 ears and one single question posed to each of them: which headphone would you buy in the price range of $350 to $500 ?

  • AKG K 702 Review
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    AKG K 702 Review

    07/02/12 in AKG K 702

    Let's end this week with another famous name: AKG and their reference-class K 702. Our opinion about its little brother, the K 271, was pretty balanced: it has a very detailed high-end but a too weak low-frequency range. What about the K 702?

  • [Musikmesse] AKG Perception Series

    [Musikmesse] AKG Perception Series

    03/25/12 in AKG K44 Perception

    AKG launches new headphone models, the K44 Perception, K77 Perception and K99 Perception.

  • AKG launch everyday earphones

    AKG launch everyday earphones

    09/21/08 in AKG K 319

    Looks like AKG aren't happy with Sennheiser getting all the cake, now they too are releasing their own series of earphones for everyday use.